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In Shelekhov have dismissed the director of one more school

the History which has occurred to the elderly teacher of physical culture of school ¹ 1 of Shelekhov Valentina L, develops into public scandal.

parents organise meetings, the administration will organise   check on all city educational institutions.  

today Shelekhov`s mayor has terminated the labour contract with the principal ¹ 2 Natalia Parfentevoj. We have phoned to the teacher to learn, a leah is connected as - that its dismissal with incident about which all country today speaks.

- simply nobody thought that my dismissal will call someone interest. After all now everywhere discuss the conflict of the teacher of physical culture and 9 - klassnikov, - Natalia Petrovna has told. - to the Director 1 - j schools have made only strict reprimand and have signed its statement on own leaving, and with me have terminated the contract under article without assigning any reasons. Why? Because I have come to a management and have directly passed an opinion the discontent of the relation to our school: to us gave not enough financing, leaving always in a shade. I have worked on this post of 19 years and fine I know an education system. Also I declare: there the lie, slyness also is not present open discussion of problems.

in turn at school where study young “ spilbergi “ which removed beating 73 - the summer teacher on the chamber, all on - former. These schoolboys left yesterday for study. Them have put on the account for infringement of the charter and have disassembled on obshcheshkolnom meeting. However, that for the decision parents have accepted, is not disclosed.

- I at this meeting was not present, even nobody invited me, - mum of one of 7 - klassnits, participating in program shootings " is indignant; Let speak “ Natalia Makarova. - I with tears was called today by the daughter, complained that to it threaten: Want to beat for about what she has told on transfer at Andrey Malakhov.

responses to our site confirm the version that a class 9 “ And “ it is not exemplary - indicative. From informal sources we knew that teachers refuse to work in it, referring to uncontrollability of pupils. How then in it worked 73 - summer Valentina L?

- the Daughter told that as that lesson of physical culture at them never was: guys laughed at Valentina Petrovnoj, did not allow to it to conduct employment, - mum of one of schoolgirls 9 " has commented; And “. - the Daughter therefore on physical culture did not go, spoke so: “ I do not want to jump before these boys “.

Valentina L now on - former is in Irkutsk.

on the program “ Let speak “ Where our correspondent, the deputy of the State Duma Tatyana Voronova has participated also has declared that personally will arrive in Shelekhov and will help to understand this history.

- I am ready to help to organise city meeting of parents the next week. That, what`s happened at school ¹ 1, a lack   not only in management, but also in relations of parents with children, - Tatyana Voronova has noted.

Read: In Shelekhov it is dismissed the principal where pupils beat 73 - the summer teacher.

Affect a course of investigation!

If to you any videos have got to hands - audio or photographic materials which can confirm mockeries at the elderly teacher, call, please, in investigatory department on bodies. In Irkutsk (3952) 48 - 00 - 75 and Shelekhov (39550) 6 - 21 - 75 or in edition - (3952) 208 - 003 . Anonymity conditions are guaranteed.

Teenagers from Shelekhov beat 73 - the summer teacher