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We look after hands honey and a lemon

Gathering for female health

to prepare such gathering, it is necessary to take anise fruits - 15 grammes, dried crusts of an orange - 20 grammes, dried leaves of peppermint - 10 grammes, a balm - 10 grammes. All to mix, then to take one teaspoon of this gathering and to fill in with 150 grammes of boiled water. To allow to be drawn minutes 15 and to drink three times a day, before meal.

the Comment: a part of gathering mint and melisa operate as anaesthetising, and the anise acts as antiseptics.

the Nutritious mask for hands

to Return softness to a skin such means will help here. It is necessary to take an egg yolk, a table spoon of linen butter, a table spoon of honey, juice of one lemon and all to mix. Before application of this mask of a hand it is necessary to wash, is better in potato broth. Then a mask a thick layer to put on a skin of hands. After that to put on cotton gloves and to hold on hands hour - two. Then to wash off warm water without soap.

the Comment: good means, honey, linen butter and fiber will look after a skin and will sate with its vitamins, and the lemon will bleach.

the Tea normalising pressure

This tea perfectly dilutes blood, opens vessels and helps at problems with pressure. That it to prepare, it is necessary to take two table spoons of a seed of fennel, a table spoon of a root valeriany, to put in a thermos and to fill in with a boiled water glass. To drink on a table spoon three times a day.

the Comment: basically tea quite good, fennel possesses vetrogonnym action (eliminates superfluous gazoobrazovanie) and zhelchegonnym action, and valeriana calms. But for pressure in this drink anything is not present.



At cold, especially when appear cough and a cold, grassy inhalations are very effective. It is necessary to take leaves of an eucalyptus, a sage, a grass chabretsa, pine and birch kidneys. All to mix, and three table spoons of this gathering to crush in a coffee grinder or a meat grinder. Turned out powder to fill in with two glasses of hot water, pair of minutes to boil and inhale hot steam through a nose and a mouth.

Irina Kotova.

the Comment: essence - powerful antiseptics, inhalations long since used at prostudnyh diseases, after all this effective protivovirusnoe means.

Honey compresses

If torment you pains in feet, try to make honey obertyvanija.

For this purpose smear feet with honey, make a dense bandage and leave for days. Then a bandage remove and smojte the remained honey warm water. Repeat procedure every other day, and the pain will leave.

Nadezhda Abramova.

the Comment: the sugar, containing in honey, will extend a moisture from a time and, hence, will remove a hypostasis and a pain. But to use such method it is possible, only if you do not have allergy to beekeeping products.

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