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From Muscovites hide privileges for medicines?

at the desire of readers we have made legal investigation and have found the important documents, which officials, to put it mildly, do not advertise.

Official sites: give up hope, vsjak here entering

On electronic mail in our heading - Health the call for help has come: last years very much gained me, publishing lists of medicines for exempts. This year I have tried to find independently such lists, have dug over all Internet, but anywhere, including on official sites, have found nothing. Where all - taki it is possible to get the list of preferential medicines?

First of all I have decided to check up official sites of bodies of public health services - can, our reader not in those sections searched for the list of medicines? On a page of Department of public health services of Moscow - weight of the helpful information (lists of drugstores, phones of services of the emergency help and etc.) However for exempts it was not possible to find the list of medicines.

I Come on a site of Russian Minzdravsotsrazvitija. Here all is strict, solid and... It is obscure. Anyway in section Medicinal maintenance and the medicinal policy I studied document lists until have begun slezitsja eyes, result - zero.

in general, having gone a way which is accessible to our usual citizens - to patients, it was not possible to achieve the object. It was necessary to continue searches by means of professional legal base - the collection of the Russian and Moscow legislation. And here surprising things began to be found out...

Is not present any capital preferential lists!

As it is known, Ministry of Health of Russia confirms the List of preferential medicines which consists from MNN - international nepatentovannyh names (better to say, these are the basic operating substances of medical preparations). On the basis of such list the Moscow authorities last years defined trading names of medicines which can be appointed to exempts for capital doctors. For example: MNN atsetilsalitsilovaja acid meets in drugstores in the form of aspirin - usual upsa bajerovskogo and etc. Being guided by the list of authorities of the capital, physicians could appoint preferential the patient only some kinds from this assortment.

However for today as it was found out, the operating Moscow list of preferential preparations... Does not exist.

That is, leaves, to capital doctors as the guide to action are now offered primary sources - those minzdravovskie MNN which can meet in drugstores in different kinds and under the different prices?!

- For today business is so, - the chairman of Social council on protection of the rights of patients confirms at Roszdravnadzore, the president of League of protection of patients lawyer Alexander SAVERSKY. - if the regional authorities have not confirmed the lists of trading names of preferential medicines local doctors have the right to be guided by corresponding List MNN which was established by Minzdravsotsrazvitija of Russia.

Actually it turns out that the capital attending physician (or the medical commission, whose conclusion it is necessary in certain cases) now itself can solve, what is concrete a preparation from several trading names of one MNN to specify in the preferential recipe.

So, here the answer to a main point - what for today the list of preferential medicines for Moscow: it the List of medical products confirmed by the order of Minzdravsotsrazvitija of Russia 665 from 18. 09. 2006, last edition with corresponding amendments - from 23. 12. 2008 (has come into force 15. 02. 2009).


the List of vital and major medical products
the Explanatory note to the project of the order of the Government of the Russian Federation about the statement of the list of vital and major medical products

During searches in legal base one very important document was found out and more - it is confirmed by directly Moscow government and defines an order of granting of measures sotspodderzhki to the inhabitants of capital having the right to reception of preferential medicines. It is a question of the order of the government of Moscow from 10. 08. 2005 1506 - RP (last edition - from 25. 01. 2010). For the sake of justice I will notice that I have found this document and on a site of capital Department of public health services, but... In other version. As a result of comparison it was found out that on an official page of controls the legal certificate valuable and useful to citizens is laid out by city public health services in out-of-date edition! And that the most insulting, in the version published on a site has not appeared additions and amendments which grant the right to preferential medicines to new categories of Muscovites.

+ So, the amendment from 05. 09. 2008 the point that pregnant women in Moscow have the right to receive FREE OF CHARGE all medical products under recipes of the doctor (within the limits of the List of preferential medicines has been entered - see above). We will specify: it is a question of inhabitants of capital, i.e. the women having constant check in ( a residence permit ) In Moscow.

+ the Same right to free reception of all medicines under recipes of doctors is given children - to orphans and children without parental support (the amendment from 09. 06. 2007). This right operates in training of such Muscovites in the state educational institutions of initial, average and higher vocational training.

+ medicinal privileges for the Muscovites sick mukovistsidozom Also are expanded. Before only enzymes and only to minor patients (on the out-of-date edition placed now on official " free of charge relied; public health a site). For today all medical products under recipes of doctors rely free of charge ALL capital patient mukovistsidozom (addition from 27. 02. 2006).

+ the right to free reception of all medicines under recipes of doctors by the patient mukopolisaharidozom I, II and VI types and illness to Gosha (additions from 25 also is added. 01. 2010 and 27. 02. 2006 accordingly).

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