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The most beautiful girls of Moldova have sung I Want in marriage in a karaoke - club

It is reminded, HERE you can look at photos of all of 18 participants of the ending of competition Ms. Russian Radio in Moldova also do not forget necessarily   to VOTE for one of the pleasant girls. So, together with you, our expensive readers, we will choose the title holder Ms. Sympathy .

there Has passed week since 18 girls who have reached the final competition Ms. Russian Radio also have come into the hands of professionals - choreographers, stylists, instructors in swimming and fitness and many - many other things. Them learn to correct gait, a beautiful bearing, work over style and a make-up, select clothes. C in them are engaged in a gym and put numbers for a part. In a word, do of the girls most that on is, the present beauties.

on March, 17th, after usual for models of day of trainings, campaigns on shops and beauty salons, organizers of competition - Russian Radio in the name of the deputy director of radio and Dmitry Sergeeva`s competition has prepared a surprise, to be exact, has organised a small party for konkursantok that they had a little a rest from the intense schedule. So, beauties have invited at first in restaurant Veranda to have supper, and then in Art - karaoke club where finalists could sing in the pleasure, and at the same time and to show that they, besides beauty, are not deprived also by a voice.

From jury this evening were Dmitry Sergeev - the deputy the director Russian Radio in Moldova and the director of competition Ms. Russian Radio Michael Titus - the chairman of jury Ms. Moldova and also the invited guest - Irina Dolovova who has taken the second place in competition of bathing suits on Ms. - the World - 2005 And the second place at competition Ms. Russian Radio - 2005 in Moscow.

the Opening address took Michael Titus who has advised to finalists to be exacting to itself, it is good to work and not to be closed . Irina Dolovova has shared with girls small secrets about what it to wait from competition and konkursantok in Moscow as a tax of on a scene, on what it is necessary to pay attention by preparation. Then were dialogue in shape a question - the answer and at last - that long-awaited karaoke. Girls chose different songs - I Want in marriage Nochenka Turn back My fate - en - a beater and many other things.

  has decided to communicate to several finalists and to ask that has changed in their life and in them for this week as they estimate the chances of victory and whom they consider as the most important competitor.

Valentina Matsarina

Valentina Matsarina, 21 year, Kishinev. Growth of 171 sm, parametres - 92 - 62 - 93.
- If it is fair, loadings very serious, but it is pleasant to me, after all every day I feel such pleasant weariness. For this week at me has appeared more aggressivenesses, it is more pressing forward to win competition because all girls very beautiful and are worthy to occupy a place of honour. I would like to remain, at least, at the same level and as a maximum, - to make two steps forward. To surrender I do not gather, because I believe that I - most. Now it is impossible to relax and have a rest, in nowise, I will go up to the end. Has come on competition because it wanted to be allocated, wanted, that me have noticed, well and to prove to itself that I am not worse than others.

Natalia BUMBU

Natalia BUMBU, 24 years, Kishinev. Growth of 170 sm, parametres - 84 - 61 - 87.
- Impressions positive, good, many emotions have increased for this week. All is very cheerful and amusing, in spite of the fact that every day all day long dances, a defile, pool, trainings. I wake up every morning with a spirit - I want to do it, it is pleasant to me . First two days were the heaviest, and has then got used. This competition - huge life experience because after years I will look at video and photos and with pleasure it I will remember. It is such adrenaline - to do that we do. I can not tell, what chances at me - minimum or maximum because each girl is worthy to defeat, at everyone are chance. I can not name by name the competitors, but I will tell that they are.

Natalia Timoshenko

Natalia Timoshenko, 21 year, Kishinev. Growth of 177 sm, parametres - 90 - 61 - 99.
- For this week us have pleasantly tormented and will torment still. I had a dream to get on this competition, and I will try to win it. I was absolutely not tired for this week because we move further, without stopping, and it is healthy. For the sake of this competition I am ready to offer myself completely. At me some character traits to that I am very glad have changed. Competitors are, because among us many beautiful girls. I should win this competition, and I will make it!

Lena Sanduljak

Lena Sanduljak, Tiraspol. Growth of 175 sm, parametres - 93 - 61 - 94.
- the outlook on all event for seven days Has exchanged. At first very much muscles were ill, but already all has passed. In my native city all actively vote on every possible the Internet - sites, support. All girls cool, beautiful, strong which are worthy to defeat. I think that in due time in a proper place I can show a class and defeat.

Light of Bug

Light of Bug, 18 years, Beltsy. Growth of 175 sm, parametres - 89 - 62 - 90.
- it was at first heavy, but I am not going to refuse, despite difficulties. I can not tell that all girls my competitors because it is all it will be visible on a scene in the competition ending. I feel changes not only external, but also internal. And for the sake of victory I am ready on all!

Beautiful girls, pleasant atmosphere, songs and jokes - evening has stood out the indelible. Despite daily trainings, girls did not look tired. And to the contrary, smiled, communicated, shared impressions and had simply a good time all together.

Well, we need to wish each participant of competition of patience and luck, well and the main thing - victories. will watch succession of events.

the competition Ending will pass on March, 24th in one of luxurious restaurants of Kishinev - Casa Sarbatori where the King of the Glamour - Sergey Zverev will be the leader of evening, and to entertain public there will arrive group the Vintage .

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