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People will be watched everywhere by videocameras

- the Suspected car on the Bogojavlensky area!

- It moves on   to May Day street Leaves to Volkovsky theatre.

- we block off traffic at a crossroads

On the big monitors police officers see everything that is created on roads to Yaroslavl. Pursuing the infringer, they are switched from one chamber for another. There and then on a portable radio set inform dresses PPS where it is necessary to move. Thanks to videocameras the pursuit and car detention have occupied no more than 10 minutes.  

Today, on March, 18th, to journalists have shown new navigatsionno - monitoring system of positioning of police squads in operation.

It seems that it is fast in city centre there will be no secluded corner. And in dormitory areas their number too will considerably be reduced. Behind movement jaroslavtsev   the sharp-sighted eye of a videocamera starts to watch.

it is Literally in March on a city 46 videocameras have been established. And by the end of the year them will be not less than 400.

- 28 videocameras will appear on the Volga quay, 13 - on Red Square, 7 - on the area of Volkova, 6 - on the Youth, 9 - on the area Near the station, 5 - on the World area, 6 - on Charles Marx and 3 - on Bogojavlensky, - has listed the basic points where will establish technics, the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs across Yaroslavl region Nikolay Trifonov.

All videocameras are deduced on monitors of computers in a regional command control centre by dresses. Now its place of a disposition in a building of the Department of Internal Affairs of Yaroslavl in Bragino. A month police officers master new craft. In a mode of real time they observe of any dress PPS. And not only the dress. The chamber approaches object several times. So that it is possible to make out the person of the person easy.

According to Nikolay Trifonova, introduction of system of video observation is only the first step in the course of reforming of law-enforcement bodies. And technics introduction will help to close work which was carried out earlier by militiamen.

- In parallel in official cars are now established mini - computers,   where all database contains. Surnames of the people who are wanted, numbers of the stolen cellular telephones, the stolen cars and so on, - are told by Nikolay Trifonov. - At detention of the suspicious person militiamen can punch there and then the necessary data on a database.

Cost of all system   - about 400 million roubles. The sum decent. However the militia hopes for the help of area, a city and businessmen which too should be interested in safety at the shops and shopping centres.

By the way, about reduction in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As Nikolay Trifonov has told, in Yaroslavl region reduction will go stage by stage. For this year staff should be reduced to 12 %. It nearby 1200 persons. And for 2011 - j - on 10 %.

the First those who has developed the experience will get under dismissal, and also militiamen to whom there are claims on work. But at functioned as the chief promises, the salary will grow at least in 2 times. At younger militian structure - to 30 - 35 thousand roubles, at officer - to 60 - 65 thousand.