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One more is named “ the murderer “ dinosaurs

That has ruined dinosaurs - these it would seem the strong and perfect animals occupying a planet, - 65 million years ago? Till now there is no uniform point of view that has served as the reason of their  destruction and a leah there was this extinction gradual or sudden. After all  destruction dlinnosheih giants was only a part so-called “ great extinction “ in which result sea reptiles (mozazavry and plesiosauri) and the flying pangolins, many molluscs, including ammonity, belemnity and set of small seaweed have disappeared from the face of the earth.

long time was considered that the reason “ great extinction “ there was a blow of an asteroid or a comet around the Mexican peninsula Yucatan. But in October of last year scientists of the Texas technological university in the USA have put forward the version that “ the murderer “ Animals there was another heavenly bodies in diameter about 40 kilometres which has fallen near to the Indian megacity of Mumbai (the former Bombay), around the Indian shelf in Arabian sea (then there the seas could not be).   There researchers have found out a crater in diameter about 500 kilometres - for today biggest of known on our planet ( see for 21. 10. 2009 ).

- when it has hit about the earth the energy liberated at blow should become the main Holocaust in the world history equivalent to explosion of 100 trillion of tons of dynamite or in 10 thousand times more, than capacity of all world nuclear arsenal, - the head of scientific group Sankara Chatterdzhi told. - In atmosphere clouds of a dust which for months have hidden the Sun have risen. It also has led to death of plants and many kinds of animals, including dinosaurs.

but here as it is found out, and this version was only the version. Now other scientists assure that there is other more essential cause of death of dinosaurs.

with a new hypothesis about planetary “ the Holocaust “ experts of Institute of physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences have acted one of these days. They have accused in mass “ murder “ all live - and, numerous - the magnetic field of the Earth, informs inauka. ru.

- During our researches it was found out that the largest mass extinction followed through 20 - 30 million years after came to the end superhron, - the employee of Institute of physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Pavlov has declared. - Superhron is an interval of time when orientation of a geomagnetic field of a planet remains immutable. This phenomenon - one of the brightest and puzzles of a geomagnetic field. Laws in change of poles are not present. Happens that throughout 1 million years 5 - 6 times of a pole change, and happens, they on ten millions years stiffen in one of two possible stationary statuses.

Such superhronov in the history of a planet scientists have counted three. After the termination of each of them on the Earth, as a rule, there was a mass tragedy. For example, in a course “ the Perm accident “ has died out to 90 % of kinds of live beings.

- however, sharp change of a magnetic field results nestabilnostej in system of currents in an external part of a terrestrial kernel, - explains Pauls. - at first frequency of inversions at approach to superhronu decreases, then poles calm down, but after a while their stable the status blows up literally, and the magnetic field starts to skip again. And on the Earth volcanoes wake up and there are earthquakes. As researchers consider, this magnetic “ dance “ occurs because between a kernel and a robe a certain layer, something like a crust accrues. Once this crust exceeds any critical size, breaks. After that the robe temperature increases, and its activity is splashed out in the form of massive geological and geomagnetic processes. Then comes to an end and superhron.

does not foretell something and in the near future the similar accident time and again destroying all live on Earth? Fortunately, experts, no calm.

- During present time, - has declared Pauls, - our planet endures the period of a constant geomagnetic field. This period lasts already 780 thousand years. As certain frequency superhronov is precisely fixed are everyone 150 - 170 million years in the nearest 80 - 100 million years it is possible not to be afraid of the next mass extinction.

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