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Without an inoculation it is better to Siberians not to go to Africa

do not go, children, to Africa to walk... - the kind storyteller Chukovsky warned small children. And if Roots of scarecrows of children crocodiles and sharks experts frighten adult people of more serious horror story - a yellow fever.

- Even, despite financial crisis, people continue to travel all over the world, - speak in Rospotrebnadzore NSO. - And at this time epidobstanovka on such diseases as the yellow fever, a tropical malaria and amebiaz in the countries of Africa, Southern and Central America remains till now unsuccessful.

About a yellow fever at times speak, as about the death sentence and the element of truth in it really is. This disease is considered one of the most dangerous, it amazes a liver and kidneys of the person, does skin colour yellow and can lead to death. Catch it usually through stings of mosquitoes.

- And though in the Novosibirsk region the imported cases of a yellow fever were not more than 20 years, all Siberians going to the unsuccessful countries should for 10 days prior to departure take root, - Andrey Fedjanin fulfilling duties of the chief of department of supervision on transport and sanitary protection of territory on NSO explains. - Those who has taken place vaccination, receive the International certificate on preventive maintenance which is valid within ten years. Without this document going to the countries of Africa, Southern and Central America simply will not start up.

the Blessing with a vaccine against a yellow fever in Novosibirsk that`s OK. To receive necessary preventive maintenance it is possible in any privivochnom an office having the permission to carrying out of vaccination. Here some addresses where you can be converted.

New honey street Narymsky, d. 11, bodies.: (383 227 - 19 - 61, 375 - 07 - 97, 8 - 913 - 373 - 10 - 10. A vaccine From a yellow fever the price - 1400 roubles.

TSNMT in Academgorodok street Pirogova, 25/ 4, bodies. (383 330 - 97 - 88. A vaccine From a yellow fever the price of 1030 roubles.

Archimedes Derzhavin`s street, 73, bodies. (383 208 - 22 - 34. A vaccine Gardasil the price of 6500 roubles; a vaccine TSirvariks the price of 5000 roubles.