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In an alliance For the European integration disorder and swaying?

we different, but all - taki we together - such semiadvertising slogan leaders of a ruling alliance explained nestykovki in the statements. And even if each other they disliked, on public nobody expressed it. All mutual arrivals as a rule, smoothed out.

it is visible, for the time being. Scandal has burst with the Center spetskommunikatsy which was in introduction SIBa. Prime minister Vladimir Filat has translated it in State office submission. On what Mihaj Gimpu at once has reacted. Still! This structure submitted to parliament, and now - to the government earlier. Filat it is too much not itself a beret also exceeds powers - such is an essence of the claim of Gimpu.

the Audio record of conversation with Vitaly Andrievsky

For the first time from the moment of creation of an alliance and. The island of the president has gone on open confronting with the colleague on the union. Against Vladimir Filata Gimpu`s decision intend to appeal against in the Constitutional court.

- It is a question of very delicate questions. I do not want, that conversations of citizens were listened, and in this situation such is quite possible, - Gimpu was indignant.

- In the Alliance there is a disorder and swaying, - political scientist Vitaly Andrievsky makes comments for a situation. - the Alliance now shakes and no trouble would not be, if them one shook. Together with them shakes also all country. With the inability to agree both in themselves, and with communists being in opposition they really create many problems for development of the country, economy and social sphere.

- Agree, it for the first time when leaders of a coalition openly go on the conflict...

  is not the first signal. In an alliance for a long time there are very serious internal contradictions. And that was splashed out today within the limits of such conflict who will operate the given structure, is one more certificate of that members of a coalition cannot agree.

  - But, at the same time, changes occur and in party of communists...

- I would not name it party upgrade - simply personnel shifts. No more. We do not see at communists upgrade, reforming... And for me there is no now a big difference who will be in power - the Alliance or modernised PKRM. Both it is bad, and that is bad. I assign all hope to a civil society. As the first sprouts of consciousness have already appeared...

- For example?

- Pay attention on numerous a press - conferences where those are criticised also, and other political forces. Before such was not. We see, as in mass-media there are processes when separate editions protect not interests of party in power or opposition, and a society as a whole. To it, a society, it would be desirable stability and progress.