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On anniversary posters - persons of our fellow countrymen

Present: you see on boards naruzhki not professional advertising, and the persons of our fellow countrymen reproduced from a photo of military years. It is impossible? At all is not present. It becomes fast a reality. Such gift permjakam the city and edge to 65 - letiju do Victories in the Great Patriotic War. The Perm centre of development of design has developed celebratory registration of Perm and districts of Prikamye by forthcoming anniversary. Among workings out - creation and such posters. And, maybe, on them your relatives or close people will be embodied.

Military photos - on a board

- For creation of sketches we were converted to archives of a regional museum, - the head of a direction " tells; City " environment; the Perm centre of development of design of Nailja Allahverdieva. - We co-operated with the main designer of TV channel Culture Elena Kitaevoj. In the work it used, in particular, a photo from the Perm archives. Let they have already turned yellow, but reflect the whole epoch.

the Main buildings of regional capital will look festively.

Besides, Elena Kitaeva has developed also sketches of celebratory registration of houses of Perm. And on autorefuellings will distribute anniversary stickers.

- At permjakov the special celebratory mood should be created, - continues Nailja Allahverdieva. - We remember also those who wared on fronts, and those who forged Victory in back, - the Ural tank case, defensive factories. We aspire to pull together generations. We are responsible for that the city has felt a feast.

While the general concept of registration of Perm by an anniversary of Victory is confirmed. Therefore today we can   to show only preliminary sketches (look a photo).

Except Perm, all other cities and settlements of Prikamye also can decorate the streets and houses in style which has developed the centre of development of design.

With house warming you, veterans of the Great Patriotic War

More than 750 persons - inhabitants of the Perm edge, those who forged Victory, have already received certificates on new habitation. For example, Maria Vasileva, the inhabitant of settlement Bershet. A Victory Day the pensioner usually celebrates houses. Till this year it occurred in a simple timbered rural log hut. And here now the veteran has received the arranged well apartment. Goes on it and not naraduetsja. It in new square metres has got several weeks ago.

House warming in the past and this year have celebrated already 692 veterans, in the near future to them will be added 64 more. Apartments completely provide all who has risen on turn till March, 1st, 2005 in 29 territories of region. Now in municipalities have again opened turn - for those participants of war who has not had time to be registered till March, 2005.

Maintenance with habitation of veterans of the Great Patriotic War follows the bill of means of the federal budget. Last year the Perm edge has received on these purposes more than 1,7 billion roubles.

Governor Oleg Chirkunov has charged to the Ministry of social development of the Perm edge to help with official registration of papers to veterans who yet have not cashed the certificate.

- it is necessary to talk To each veteran personally, - the head of region has underlined. - it is necessary to help each participant of the Great Patriotic War with habitation selection.

Also to a Victory Day veterans of war and workers of back will pass profound medical inspections in the Perm edge. To those who owing to age cannot reach hospital, doctors - experts will come on the house.


Single payments to a Victory Day will receive about 80 thousand inhabitants of the Perm edge. According to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, to invalids and participants of the Great Patriotic War, blokadnikam Leningrad, to widows of invalids and participants of war, minor prisoners of fascist concentration camps it will be paid on 5 thousand roubles. Workers of back and full age prisoners of concentration camps will receive on 1 thousand roubles. Veterans will receive these payments together with pension for April.

Streets of Perm will appear in uniform anniversary style.