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The old Oskolsky machinist of a fighting train lives in a dilapidated house

92 - summer Peter Kotenev - radical starooskolets. Was born in village Kotenevka, since 14 years has got over to Stary Oskol where and till now lives in the house. The habitation has already decayed, the fence was lop-sided also gate have given. In a room - the old short wave receiver yes a cat Masha.

the Machinist of a steam locomotive who all war brought up ammunition to our armies, already hardly remembers operations.

- Me have called up for military service in 1938, - Peter Kotenev tells. - I have got in 23 - j an operational separate railway regiment, and therefrom to regimental school where us prepared as military machinists of steam locomotives. After that ministered on the Ashkhabad railway, the machinist of a steam locomotive at station Denau. My steam locomotive carried concrete, slag.

When war has begun, our regiment therefrom have removed. Has then come to send the order us to Northern Pechora. And therefrom in May 1943 - go us have directed on station Bessarabka on border with Romania. Then the big approach has begun. Our armies bombed Budapest, took Romania. We constantly brought up ammunition, our echelon got time and again under enemy bombardments. It was terrible, but there was an order: all for front, all for Victory. Germans bomb, we work zenitki. So under fire also we carry shells. Then our armies have gone to Vienna. There war also has finished.

After war of all military railwaymen have sent on the depots. I have returned in Old   Oskol where all life has worked - the machinist and the assistant to the machinist. And   when have arisen   problems with health, worked as the fireman. Therefrom has gone on pension.
- now here I lie and I do not go almost, - Peter Petrovich speaks. -   I can not go - that one foot is ill, another... And sight any more that.

Peter Petrovich has complained that living conditions any: The toilet in the street, in the winter cold, is not present a central heating. There is unless only a waterpipe...

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