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Today the orthodox remember venerable Anina

Venerable Anin the friar was born in the Chalcedon in a Christian family. After death of parents it at fifteen-year age has left in a monastery where has accepted inochesky postthreshing barns. In search of full silence it has left in depth of wilderness where the river Euphrates separated Syria from Persia.

There it has met aged man Maiuma and has lodged together with it. Both men of faith spent very strict life. In all Sacred Forty day fast they partook nothing, enjoying and rejoicing about food spiritual.

Sacred Anin daily from apart carried potable water. Once it has returned with full jugs before ordinary wherefore Angela has filled vessels with water. Aged man Maium has understood that its pupil has reached high spiritual perfection, and asked sacred Anina to be its trainer, but that on the humility has refused. Subsequently the aged man has moved in a monastery, and sacred Anin remained one in wilderness.

Constant exploits the sacred has defeated itself passions and has received gift of healings and insight. Even wild beasts obeyed and ministered to it. Where has gone sacred, it was followed by two lions to one of which it has healed an ulcer on a paw. The rumour about the sacred has extended on all district, and to it began to come sick and possessed evil ghosts, asking healings.

Round the sacred some pupils have gathered also. Once, on the seventeenth year of its self-sacrifice, to the sacred have come some persons and asked to satisfy with something thirst. Hoping for force of Bozhiju, venerable has sent one of pupils to the dried up well. The well was filled with miracle of Bozhiim up to the top, and this water has sufficed for many days. When water has come to an end, venerable has not dared to ask again a miracle of Bozhija for itself, and began nights to carry itself water from Euphrates.

the Diocesan Neokesarijsky Patriky repeatedly visited venerable and has devoted it in the presbyter though the lowly man of faith did not dare to accept a sacred dignity. Having learnt that sacred itself from apart carries water, diocesan Patriky gave it donkeys twice, however venerable each time gave their poor and continued to carry water itself. Then a diocesan ordered to dig out the big well with which from time to time filled, driving donkeys from a city.

Sacred Anin has begun to see clearly about desire of one friar - stolpnika, podvizavshegosja is far from it, to descend from a column, to complain in court of the robber, wounded its stone. Sacred Anin has written stolpniku the letter, catechizing it not to do the conceived. The letter venerable has been delivered stolpniku by the tamed lion and has taught it.

One pious woman, been ill, has gone to venerable Aninu to ask its prayers. On a way she was met by the robber. Without having found at the woman of money, he has decided to create violence and began to force it to a sin. The woman has called to the aid venerable and has exclaimed: Svjatyj Anine, help me! the robber was suddenly attacked by horror, and it has released the woman. Having come to venerable, the woman has told to it about all and has received healing. The repented robber too has come to venerable, has accepted epiphany and has taken the vows. A spear which it has thrust in the earth, intending to make violence, has sprouted in a powerful oak.

the Deep aged man of 110 years the sacred has foretold time of the demise and has specified to the gathered conventual community of the heir on igumenstvu.

Before demise sacred Anin talked with was to it in vision by sacred prophets by the Moses, the Aaron and Orom. With words: My God, priimi my spirit - sacred has departed to the Lord.