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Nina Usatova: the Loving woman should be ready on all

For a film the Priest Nina Usatova already has had time to receive the Gold eagle as the best supporting actress. However, concept the second plan in the relation Usatovoj works badly - it draws to herself sights of spectators even in a small role.   on role I the simple Russian woman - has told as - that Nina Nikolaevna in one of interview. cold summer 53 - go My friend Ivan Lapshin Oh you geese, geese the Moslem - any actress can envy such filmography. In a picture the Priest Usatova has played the wife of the orthodox priest, which endows itself to save lives to the husband and adoptive children.

Buttons on underpants

- Nina Nikolaevna, in to the Priest You have again played the simple Russian woman. It is not insulting, what this shortcut was fixed to you?

- Is not present, me, on the contrary, it flatters. How I can refuse the roots? After all I was born in a simple rural family on Altai, well I know, how there live people in a province. It is clear that the years lived in St.-Petersburg, should affect me, but in a shower I all the same Siberian woman, which well remembers how to milk cows and to iron clothes the pig-iron iron. And it always only helped me with life. All my directors, on the contrary, felt in me this Russian feminity. This the most valuable that I have.

- you after all became the actress just when the literary trend has entered into a fashion derevenshchikov - Astafev, Rasputin, Shukshin...

- And their products actively put at theatre. Therefore on a lack of roles to me was a sin to complain. When I have arrived to work to Leningrad in Youth theatre, there and then there was a question on a residence permit. And in one of papers there was a comment someone from art directors: It is necessary to a city . My social origin Meant.

- What of the roles played in Youth, you now remember with the greatest thrill?

- the First, certainly: widow Stepanovu in performance Holiday on wound under the story of the writer - front-line soldier Vyacheslav Kondratyev. There there was a case which I have remembered for ever. My heroine all performance erases soldier`s soldier`s blouses and underpants. And I always try to enter at image. Therefore water on a scene always was hot, in hands I held a laundry soap.   and when my partner on a scene started to scribble on the machine Singer I across a step drove a button on underpants   on a washing board is there was a realistic note which set the fashion. Once to look at statement professor Petrov teaching in Academy of theatrical art has come. And   after performance also speaks: Nina, a small lie gives rise to the big lie. And you, and the artist should know one important thing . On this place I have not died nearly. After all in this role I have enclosed all soul! on soldier`s underpants, - it has continued, - during war there were not buttons, and outsets . I have thought: my God, what horror! and I have there and then run in kostjumernuju, have torn off
all buttons from underpants and have sewn to them outsets.

- With such approach, probably, it is difficult to you to look modern films about war?

- Also do not speak! Me jars on at once when I see a pure soldier`s blouse on the soldier. Yes in life such was not! Now on a broader scale many forget that the requisite plays not last role in creation of an image.

- you make impression of the person who has not lost touch with the roots.

- I very much hope for it. I speak: my genetic memory helped time and again me with work. In performance the Misfortune I should play the old woman though to me was no more than 30. Has gone home to Altai, has found a grandmother`s trunk with surprising things - a simple jacket with a flannel lining, a skirt, boats farewell, youth ... I all it has taken away to Leningrad and   has lived in these things month. And   on rehearsal has risen and has gone on a scene gait of my grandmother. Just the same history was and on shootings the Moslem Hotinenko. I weigh a film I go in a dressing gown which was carried by my mum. And, only having looked at a picture, has suddenly realised that I played not   the abstract heroine, and the   mother...

the Family and feminism

- At cinema to you carries with partners - Evgenie Mironov, Peter Mamonov, now Sergey Makovetsky. But also the most part of lauruses gets to them. It was never insulting from - for it?

- I Will tell so: in the good partner it is pleasant to be dissolved. In our trade it is impossible to pull a blanket on itself, to be beaten out from an outline. Thus the main paradox that the more attentively you listen to the partner, the more advantageously itself look on the screen.

is now in you that the simple Russian woman speaks. Do not feel retrogradkoj against the defeated feminism?

- Everyone lives how he wants. I, by the way, cannot tell that I treat badly feminists. When I listen to Maria Arbatov I notice for myself that she tells correct things. Another matter what to live or to live by these rules - my private affair. With my present darling I, for example, am completely not ready to struggle for leadership in relations. Not because it is not present at me in character, and from - that in normal relations of such question should not to rise at all. What difference, who in a family glavnee if both love each other? Where - that after all it is necessary and to offer the interests.

- In to the Priest by the way, your heroine endows not only interests, but also the life for the sake of rescue of the husband and children. That is you tried on this situation on yourselves?

- Yes, certainly. The woman if she loves on - to the present, should be ready on all. Especially if it is a question of life of children.

- And the son have nurtured the real man?

- I would like to hope for it. He now studies at faculty of law in SpbGU. Time will tell.