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Tomorrow in Chelyabinsk will start to accept in schools of first-graders

reception Rules in the Chelyabinsk schools this year have not changed: will accept all kiddies that are fixed to educational institution in a residence. Officials have assured that on doors of schools this year there will be no terrible announcements Reception in 1 class is finished - places are not present . Because schools on podushevom financing and they struggle now for children, each pupil brings it about 12 thousand rbl. Plus demographic crisis. Officials assure that places at schools more than children coming there.
the reception order in the first classes is certain by the order 483 At from 2. 04. 09 (it is possible to find on a site chel - edu. ru). On Monday in it will bring the last updates on inhabitants of new buildings, in particular Poplar Avenue. But as a whole it has not changed.

you can get To city schools, if are registered in the microdistrict fixed to school. Some lycees and grammar schools too carry out a city set. Both those and others have the right to spend interview and testing, however their results with your child cannot form the basis for refusal in enrolment of pupils.

- to the Teacher these results are necessary for an educational program choice, - experts speak.

the Document says that schools have no right to give a priority to those children who passed school of the first-grader or received educational services within a year for money.

About the school begins a set of first-graders with what number, it is possible to learn from announcements at stands. It is known that 11 lycee has already begun a set. And someone has appointed it to April, 15th. This question is solved by each school separately.

to Whom to complain of lawlessness?

If you consider that the school has broken a reception order (has refused to you receipt in 1 class though you are fixed to it on a residence permit), you can call on a hot line of regional management of education and complain (they will begin work since Monday).   Or to have legal proceedings. Under the new Code about administrative offences in case of infringement of the rights of the child official the person - to the principal - the penalty in 50 thousand roubles shines.

Officials at a choice of school for the first-grader advise to be guided   every possible ratings of schools. Them make by results of Unified State Examination, and in a basis put quantity of prize-winners of the Olympic Games.

In the improvised rating of the Russian schools which has made the Russian newspaper one South Ural school has entered all only. It is a grammar school 127 Snezhinsk which has prepared the only thing in area last year the winner of the world Olympic Games on Vladimir Bragin`s mathematician.

the Rating by results of Unified State Examination of last year

* the Three of the best lycees - 31, 11, 35;

* the Three of the best grammar schools - 1, 80, 26.  

* On the average point of results of Unified State Examination to the best schools have got 154 and 151, they even have pressed such status educational institutions, as lycees and grammar schools.

- I would not look at any ratings, - the expert of management of education of Chelyabinsk Alexander Orel explains. - for the first-grader the teacher is important. Advice such: to interrogate mums chetveroklashek and to learn all about teachers who will type the first class.