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The Kirov family goes every year on a tomb of the father who was lost in days of war

- Mum in 30 years remained the widow, - tells Emilija Matveeva (in girlhood of Morozova). - It lifted us a three - the brother of four years, me 2,5 years. And born in 42 - m to year the little sister.   also you want - you do not want, and it was necessary to survive. And we lived... Has passed 65 years. And my big brother has written for the first time verses.

- Memoirs on how it was, how much terrible were military years. Gennady Morozov was lost in 35 years near Smolensk. pohoronka has come with avaricious words heroically was killed in battle . But to believe in it it would not be desirable. Mum and has not married, even after years...
- after war mum has started to search through a military registration and enlistment office where the father is buried, - remembers Emilija Gennadevna. - And to us have responded that it is village the Hill - Zhirki near Smolensk. It was the sapper and was undermined on a mine is everything that we know about that fight. We have gone there all family. All soldiers who have laid down lives in bloody fights in 1943, have buried in a communal grave. And now over them there is an obelisk.
Semja Morozovyh goes every year to bow to the father - to the warrior protecting their lives, their freedom. In due course grandsons have joined children also. And this year Emilija Matveeva and her brother Vladimir Morozov will carry under Smolensk already great-grandsons of the father.

- So there lives memory of those who wared who was lost also who remained is live in that terrible, bloody war. And this tradition - to bow to those who already lies in the earth unites the Kirov family. And hardly someone from a family of Morozovyh becomes on a way injust. Family traditions and their history will not allow to forget about horrors which in military years were worried by a usual Kirov family.

Now on a tomb of the lost warrior there is such monument
the Photo: from family archive

I remember war

I Remember the life of an instant:

As met in the life of the father,

As sat down to it on knees

Also concerned with a palm of the person.

I Saw an eye crafty iskrinki,

smells of tasty meal,

I considered in picture life,

And nothing promised misfortunes.

I Felt a man`s bristle,

And the confidence of life was.

But has destroyed lives a picture

This terrible word war !

All men in our house have taken away,

on war my father Also has left.

One women in the house remained,

to that happiness the end Also has come.

There were those very difficult years,

Be prokljata this war!

all hardship -

In 30 years it became the widow.

It from a column carried water

Also pricked for an oven fire wood,

In the mornings it heated an oven,

Tearing off minutes from a dream.

we then Ate an oil cake and a nettle,

the bread Slice was a poor ration,

But on feasts mother brought

From dried eggs a powder.

I did not believe then pohoronke

And all waited that the father,

Represented that it will go down from a hill

Pre-war photos of a family of Morozovyh
the Photo: from family archive

And me will tell: You, the son, well done

I Have grown in a quiet town to Vyatka

In the house of the grandfather among poplars.

I as we played in prjatki,

On road the rough stream flew.

Was to me then year four,

And words on syllables I read,

we Lived in peace and friendship in our apartment,

And with the little sister in toys played.

Years went, the report became more joyful:

Took Minsk. Stalingrad is surrounded.

And already all my coevals

In the first class at a school desk sit.

< MARGIN - BOTTOM: 0cm > Before victory remains a little.

As tormentingly lasted year.

I as we have left the father,

I did not know that already for ever.

from a window all of us saw is more often,

As with dogs of Germans conduct.

I Remember, how we behind them ran

Also shouted it: Hitler, kaput!

I was born in the Union Soviet,

I of that Victory Remember the moment,

On a tomb of the father near Smolensk

the monument Is established now.

Peace life already 65

children and grandsons,

Them today I want to wish,

That there were no wars and separation.

the Author - the chief designer of domestic system of the prevention of a rocket attack, the honorary member of Academy of astronautics of a name of Tsiolkovsky Vladimir Morozov.