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Spring - summer - 2010: Instead of cases we put on cylinders!

in last release our adviser the stylist and the designer of clothes Roman Drozhzhin has helped gentlemen to optimise their spring clothes. Today we are ready to submit pair of lungs, as breeze whiff, and economic advice to ladies.

And the person - that naked!

Style njud - modnejshy a season trend. Painting works on the person are reduced to a minimum: only expensive voice-frequency cream, hardly - hardly pastel tones on eyes, soft lips. On an exit it should turn out uhozhenno and nenakrasheno .

However njud is not only a make-up. It also volume shirts from fine fabrics - shifona, silks, veils.   and thin so that appeared through your perfect, sorry, a body. And not less perfect lacy linen of corporal shades.

- the Bra should look so as if on you anything is not present, and a lace - simply pattern on a body, - Drozhzhin speaks. - If there is no bra, it is possible to put on a vest - the alcoholic under vualevuju a blouse.

On peak - all shades corporal and bezh.

the Vesper variant: fitting vualevyj a top with a jacket as if the jacket is put on a naked body.

the Make-up: red lipstick and podvodka for eyes of brown shades instead of the classical black.

Crocodiles have departured, and the sea remains

Dark blue, azure, turquoise - these colours to you should be put on, as soon as the first beams of the sun will gild your skin. Sunburn again in a fashion in a combination to a sea colour subject and thin gold ornaments.

Sandra Bullock - an embodiment of fashionable spring - 2010.

we Hide till the best times

Dresses - cases - it on change come the soft forms, flying silhouettes;

shoulder pads;

all massive jewelry and costume jewellery. In this season violent 80 - e concede to refinement 20 - 30 - h years. All thin, graceful. Excesses are supposed only in quantity: for example, it is a lot of - much brasletikov.

we Get from a long box :  

dresses - cylinders;

tuniki and dresses with the underestimated waist;

a long beads.

In this part the fashion plays into the hands both to babies, and doughnuts: vertical folds on clothes, belts, a beads - all it visually utonchaet also extends a figure, the underestimated waist will hide an imperfect line of a body. Sleeves with underestimated projmoj will narrow shoulders. Pudges are not recommended to be fond of jackets, office suits - them and is not present in a fashionable set - 2010!

the Hairdress: weight and tenderness

- By criteria of a fashionable season, - tells the Novel, - is ideally brushed a top - Agness Din`s model. The hairstyle gravitates to heavier forms. There, where tapering, today an equal cut earlier flaunted.

Elegant simplicity is given to Darya Spiridonovoj without effort!

Spirits: a luxury smell

In this season we promptly leave from heavy exotic bouquets.  

Jewels do not smell, but if smelt, they would have Cartier`s perfume aroma, our adviser speaks.

Samples of the cleanest taste

Sandra Bullock at ceremony Oscar - an embodiment of spring.

TV presenter Darya Spiridonov: very harmonous, but is able to hide excessive fragility.

Have changed image and have got prettier

Actress Lera Kudryavtsev has simply changed a hairdress and a make-up.

Xenias Sobchak there is an image of the city intellectual. You have noticed, how much in streets has appeared girls in points? It is all from - for Xenia.

Renata Litvinova: golfiki obviously superfluous...

Have changed image and have become gloomy

Renata Litvinova has turned in absolutely mass sample and has lost individuality. Perhaps from - for nose plastics?

Who needs to work over style

For Tatyana Anatolevny Tarasovoj too monotonous clothes. To a star of such scale would not prevent to put on more brightly.

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