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The child who has got stuck in a sofa was gained by Omsk rescuers

Elena Yerofeev has run from work home, has pressed the button of a call and began to wait, when the little son to it will open. There has passed minute, but nobody approached to a door

- Really still   from school has not returned?! - The woman did not understand.

From apartment any strange sounds have reached.

- Serezha, you houses? - Elena was knocked at a door.

- Yes! - the plaintive voice was distributed. - I can not approach, I in a sofa have got stuck!

As keys at mum were not, it was necessary to call rescuers. To get into apartment have solved through a balcony: an entrance door new - it is a pity to break the lock. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures by means of climbing equipment have gone down from neighbours from the fourth floor on the third and have come into apartment. On a sofa the confused seven-year boy sat, one foot at it has got stuck between a seat and a back.

- Its ankle has got confused in tapes, for which pull to spread out a sofa, - the rescuer 1 - go a class under abnormal condition - a life-saving service of the Omsk region Alexander Filatov tells. - the Child could get out itself if has not started to pull in a fright a foot.

Rescuers cut ill-fated tapes and have released Serezhu from a captivity. Now the boy hardly will want to frolic, jumping on a sofa!