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I in logisty would go Or in flutists?

let it also will not give out a leaf with the name of ideal educational institution for you, but will direct to the necessary channel a train of thought about a choice of a trade. How the teenager to find itself, and to parents to help with these searches, we talked to the teacher - the psychologist of the Minsk city Palace of children and youth Tatyana Kohovich.

I WANT - I CAN - it is necessary

the Daughter of acquaintances studies in a graduation class. The talented flutist, has with distinction ended music school. Before receipt in high school remains practically nothing, and the girl cannot be defined in any way.

- And than you it would be desirable to be engaged? - I ask.

- Music, certainly!

- Then conservatory?

- Not - et, the musician on life you will not earn - she sighs.

- And whom you will earn?

- the Bookkeeper. At all of us on the economic go, but I as will think of it, such melancholy rolls

- If at thought on a choice of the future trade the melancholy rolls probably, the teenager will be helped by a method I want I can and it is necessary - the psychologist Tatyana Kohovich speaks. - I want are your interests, what pleasant to engaged that brings pleasure. I can are your abilities to something, both intellectual, and physical. If something is given easily, and you easily transfer these skills on other kinds of activity, means, to it at you ability. For example, you well know English, start to study French - and it appears that the first language not only does not disturb to mastering of the second, and to the contrary, its rules help with studying of a modern language. Linguistics - your fad.

And it is necessary Is a requirement of a society for concrete specialities for the given region at the moment. There, where will be crossed I want I can and it is necessary it is necessary to search for the future trade.

Make the list of the interests, list the abilities, find by means of the Internet the trades claimed at us. And then it will appear that your love to logic problems, achievements in algebra and English and ability explain to friends courses of computer games can to pour out in successes in a field logista - the expert who co-ordinates a cargo transportation worldwide with the minimum transport and financial expenses.

the Teacher - the psychologist of the Minsk city Palace of children and youth Tatyana KOHOVICH


- very often teenagers are mistaken about the future trade, it is not enough representing that for them waits actually, - Tatyana Kohovich tells. - For example, consider that the inspector only and is engaged in that that excellent solves criminal puzzles, without guessing at all how a lot of the room routine can be at such expert. Or identify a school subject and a trade. But not always interest to chemistry means that the schoolboy leaves the chemist carried away by a science Sometimes teenagers transfer the relation to the person on the relation to its trade: our neigbour such sincere person, and the doctor remarkable, I will go - ka I in doctors

to avoid similar errors, it is necessary to study more close those trades which call interest. If you have a possibility to visit at office or at the enterprise at parents and acquaintances, necessarily use this chance. Besides, about nuances of various trades it is possible to learn through the Internet: set in a line of search a word professiogramma - and you receive the list of popular trades, their description, requirements which this or that trade shows to the person, level of earnings and etc.


If doubts in a choice remain, it is possible to be converted behind the professional help of the psychologist. It can be both the usual psychologist, for example, at school, and the expert in the centres of vocational guidance. To pass psychological test in such centres frequently it is possible free of charge.

To similar experts is better to be converted before, for a year - two before leaving school. But if entrance examinations on a nose, and all of you are still tormented with torments of a choice, such consultation will be on - former actual.

At the psychologist - the professional adviser you can pass special tests which will help you to study better itself. For example, to define, what type of temperament in you is shown most brightly. According to temperament you learn about " more; yours and not yours kinds of activity: The sanguine person at heart the born leader, the choleric person adores independent search of decisions and novelty, the measured rhythm of work and a quiet workplace, and the worker is necessary to the melancholiac - the phlegmatic person hardly will show initiative, but will be the good executor. And if at you the type of the choleric person prevails, you hardly will find yourselves in bookkeeping, but will be, for example, the excellent stuntman.

Certainly, not tests and not psychologists will specify your mission, but frequently they will help to understand doubts and fears, in true motives of a choice of a trade, that you wait from life. And to take responsibility for the step, that on a question: Whom to be? to respond: Itself! .

By the way, a daughter of acquaintances about whom it was told above, it, apparently, was possible. After consultations at the psychologist it could connect love to music and desire to have highly paid work: Has decided to arrive on producer faculty that in the future to become the impresario of cash show with participation of classical musicians


At a choice of a trade it is not necessary:

- to Choose a trade for the company . It is clear that you are afraid of new collective and it seems to you that for the company with the friend it will be easier to study. But only present that your friend will not arrive, and you arrive on that faculty which and not so - that was pleasant to you

- to Forget about medical contra-indications for a trade. Not so far-sighted to dream of a trade of the hairdresser if at you an allergy, or teachers - if at you are defect of speech. Always have another a trade of dream in a stock.

- to Concern it as to a choice of destiny. Anything fatal in your receipt in not that high school or nepostuplenii is not present. The weight of people arrives in high school with nadtsatogo time, it is translated from faculty to faculty, receives some educations, does not finish the educational institutions selected them and all the same achieves success in life!


- Try not to realise in the children not taken place itself: if the daughter does not have talents of the dancer, it is not necessary to torment its employment at the ballet machine tool only because you in the childhood would like to become a small swan .

- Respect a choice of the child, try to understand the reasons on which he has chosen not clear trade for you. Arguments at us three generations of doctors, and you want to become the cook or we actors, but I in this terrarium will not start up the unique son hardly it is possible to consider as strong arguments.

- Support the graduate, tell: If something goes not so, you always have a chance once again to try. You have not forgotten - the next year your child can arrive again? Thus it not loses year and gets hand in, knowledge, probably, can work in that sphere which is close to it, and to make the realised choice.


As be tested What trade approaches me?