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To Stavropol Territory rains

- the shortest time for Stavropol Territory will come Spring: it lasts on the average 60 - 70 days, and every month on a step - another approaches us to hot summer. On supervision of weather forecasters of the Stavropol meteoagency, this year the meteorological spring has very much lagged behind from calendar, after all only in the beginning of the third decade of March the daily average temperature has passed through a zero mark that has marked definitive ward of heat.

- In the night from 7 for April, 8th Stavropol Territory will get under the power of the next cyclone and in the subsequent two days weather with an intermittent rain is expected, in the western and southern areas strong deposits are not excluded, - Svetlana Chanilova, the leading weather forecaster of meteoagency speaks. - at night columns of thermometers will show 3 - 8 degrees with plus sign, in the afternoon - not above 8 - 15 degrees of heat. At night on April, 9th and 10 in places on edge frosts to 2 degrees below zero are probable.

In the second decade of month air will get warm to +15 - +20 degrees, and the night temperature essentially will not change - 3 - 8 degrees above zero. One more wave of a cold will come in the beginning and the end of this period. Atmospheric fronts will call appreciable increase in overcast, deposits of different intensity and, as consequence, recession of day temperature to 8 - 13 degrees. With norths cold air which will lower temperature to - 1 - +3 degrees can come. Two - three days it will be windy.

By the way, night frosts in April - the phenomenon for Stavropol Territory not rare. Last year`s April has repeated a record of 1965 when in edge 18 cases of night and morning frosts have been fixed.

According to preliminary data, last week will be April the warmest. At night thermometers will show +5 - +10 degrees, and in the afternoon air will get warm to +16 - +21,   in separate days it is expected to +26 degrees. Rains will be rare, and only in the end of a month invasion of active atmospheric front which will bring thunder-storms is supposed.