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The line near Palanki - diplomatic victory of Moldova

This history with a sharing of borders has begun still since then when Peter Luchinsky was the president of Moldova, and Ukraine - Leonid Kuchma. In August, 1999 heads of two states had been signed the additional report to the contract between the Ukrainian and Moldavian parties about state border. According to this document a site of road Odessa - Reni of hardly more than seven kilometres around Moldavian Palanki were under jurisdiction of Ukraine. However officially road have leased.

In 1997, that is for two years before, Moldova has received from Ukraine a small exit to Black sea and there has been begun building of the petroterminal and port in Dzhurdzhuleshtah. There was a conflict situation between two parties from - for erections of objects in territory of Ukraine Later. Generally dispute has arisen from - for roads which connects jugo - the western part of the Odessa area with other Ukraine.

In spite of the fact that in the document has been accurately regulated that the passed site is the property of Ukraine in territory of Moldova a problem could not solve the whole 11 years. Suffered affliction from - for it usual Moldavian citizens. They had to experience considerable difficulties at movement from one settlement in another as on a line the Ukrainian boundary control operated.

Now, under statements of the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Moldova of Andrey Popova, during long negotiations both parties managed to reach the compromise thanks to what boundary Ukrainian fast will not be present any more on this road. It will allow all inhabitants of Palanki to get access to selhozugodijam and easy to move on a line without special admissions that until recently it was impossible. Thus, so the urgent problem is solved in favour of Moldova.