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In a week in Kishinev the quantity of food poisonings will sharply increase?

we have called in Hospital of the first help to learn, a leah really during feasts the quantity of food poisonings has increased.

- Is not present, thank God, has not increased. - the doctor - co-ordinator BSMP Maria Shamotajlo has told to us. - on Third of April has arrived seven calls concerning poisonings, the fourth - nine. It is usual, average figure for Kishinev.

In branch of toxicology 3 - j city hospital - too it is silent. There are three with an alcoholic poisoning. All vagabonds, have already written out a two.
and here in infectious hospital of a name of Toma Chorba already now start to prepare for Parental day.

- Now all is quiet, poisonings are not present, people eat all fresh, - the assistant to the head physician Lyudmila Semenova speaks. - As in the street it is not hot. And here in a week, by Parental day, we wait for increase in quantity of food poisonings. It would be desirable to be converted to townspeople: watch closely that at you on tables. And, if there is a doubt in freshness of a dish, there is no it better.

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