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Yes there will be a soup!

now, in celebratory paschal days, it is especially pleasant to receive gifts. And as it is pleasant to give them, especially, when they from such remarkable sponsor, as company Maccoffee.

having summed up our competition we Fast with taste we have found out that the considerable quantity of voices and positive estimations the recipe has occupied a cream - soup from vegetables which to us was sent by our reader   Eleonora.

Dear Eleonora, for your recipe the greatest quantity of readers - 235 persons has voted! And we with pleasure will present to you a prize from our sponsor - companies Maccoffee - the big set of tasty and hot drinks for all occasions!

Dear readers!

We sincerely give thanks to everything which have taken part in our competition. Many thanks to Geleverovu Cyril for the recipe of a fast fish pie, Lyudmila who has sent on competition the recipe of a pie from a pumpkin, Galina - for salad The tsar of China and certainly, to Sergey Vasilevichu Pavlovu - to our constant reader and the participant of all competitions.

dear culinary specialists,   your dishes too had the big success on a site, and they did not have not enough all a little bit points to the recipe - the winner.

once again we give thanks to all - all - all who fasted together with us and prepared such tasty dishes. We will be glad to see you and your recipes in others   competitions of section Bon appetit !

Yours faithfully,
the editor of section Bon appetit
Oksana Kasatkin

we Remind the recipe of a dish - the winner:

Soup - a cream from vegetables

On 1 l of water it is necessary in any proportions: fresh cabbage, a cauliflower, carrots, a vegetable marrow, a tomato without a thin skin, greens.

In boiling water to put on a handful of the cut vegetables, to cook 20 mines, to salt, a few to cool. To shake up in a blender,   to pour in soup cups. From above   to decorate with a leaf of greens.