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In the Ulyanovsk region budgetary funds were spent not to destination

- From - for crisis, certainly, the economic criminality in region does not decrease and in 2010. On - former corruption prospers. Its indicator has grown on   103 percent in comparison with the similar period 2009 - ogo, - inform temporarily fulfilling duties of chief UBEP the Department of Internal Affairs across the Ulyanovsk region Oleg Silantev.

From the beginning of this year guards already managed to reveal 57 malfeasances, and also 39 facts of bribery.  

already wrote about the teacher of high school who for money put to the students in zachetki perfectly and well . However, to take bribes can not only teachers. For example, cases with forging of documents, naturally, for monetary compensation are frequent. So, one of secretaries of professional school 25 in settlement New Spassky forged signatures of the chairman and members of a certifying commission.

have not stood aside this year and careless officials. As it is known, they like to abuse the office powers and to attribute to the salary various awards and indemnifications.

- cases Are fixed, even when grants of national projects were spent not to destination, - the head of department on tax crimes of the Department of Internal Affairs across the Ulyanovsk region Alexander Nagornyj informs.

we Will remind, within the limits of the national project Accessible and comfortable habitation from the federal budget means were allocated for improvement of living conditions. But checks have shown that already five young families made out for a bribe fictitious transactions for participation in this program. Thus,   Having been on welfare from 250 to 460 thousand roubles, they spent money for cars, on trips abroad or on purchase of necessary home appliances.

Still try to deceive the legislation by a deviation from payment of taxes, operating through false firms.  

- One of the organisations of the Ulyanovsk region could leave from the taxation through fictitious contracts with the commercial enterprises on delivery of the nonexistent goods, - Alexander Nagornyj continues. - the damage Caused to the state is regarded in 23 million roubles.

It is necessary to notice that the guilty tax bearers can avoid a criminal liability under condition of a full indemnification of the caused damage. In the first quarter in the Ulyanovsk region it is fixed already two similar cases.


For two months 2010 in the Ulyanovsk region 474 economic crimes are made, and the amount of damage has made 77 million 664 thousand roubles. In the budget of region money resources at a rate of 30 million 835 thousand roubles are compensated. And 96 persons are involved in a criminal liability.