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The Spanish flight attendants have undressed in hope of the salary

by Much knockings by miner`s helmets on the Humpbacked bridge in Moscow, overlappings of roads and simply strike with the requirement to pay the salary are memorable. But such performances do not call for a long time due sympathy us, in the West. And here original courses usually have the wide response - that there are, for example, the French farmers who are throwing out tons of manure at a step of parliament.

But at flight attendants of ruined Spanish airline Spanish Air Comet, for the clear reasons, such powerful argument was not. However the salary in it nine months did not pay already, and to take up the problems of their employment to the former bosses of stewardesses there was a lack of time. Then nine retired flight attendants have taken not ordinary step - they have acted in film bared for an erotic calendar.

Millions to them for it, of course, will not give: calendars sell for 15 euros. But certain effect of the lady have achieved - one of them following the results of photosession in style a nu took in modelling agency, and about responsibility of the company for the employees who have remained without the salary have started talking.