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Let`s help feathery to solve a room question

Birds need nests, as well as the person in own habitation. Now many feathery arrive from the south in native land, and it it is necessary where - that to live. In cities of the nests twisted by birds, it is a little. The help of people therefore is required... Competition the Spring starling house passes in our city already the second time. Last year even its organizers - experts of management in ecology and wildlife management of administration of Perm - were surprised, when time up has come to sum: it was found out wishing to help birdies " so much; to equip a life .

- Nobody expected such agiotage, - organizers admitted. - the new ecological project has interested nearby 500 permjakov, including kids from
17 kindergartens, pupils of younger and senior classes of 9 Perm schools, and also their parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. In total in squares and parks of Perm it has been hanged out about 100 bird`s small houses.

the Action -   in two steps

Now the action will pass in two tours (remote and internal). Remote tour consists of several stages. At the first stage audiofiles with voices of birds of the Perm edge will be presented participants. The problem of young naturalists - to guess that for feathery on these records sing, and to present presentation with the information on these birds. At the second stage participants should develop and present independently the project apartments for feathery the XXI-st centuries by means of any computer program. At the third stage will pass competition on the best poster In protection of city birds . Internal tour will take place on April, 25th, probably, in Chernjaevsky wood. During it rewarding of winners of remote tour will take place, and also will pass review - competition on the best starling house created under own original project. Then starling houses will be hanged out in wood. Competition the Spring starling house it is directed not only on creation of favorable conditions for gnezdovja birds in the city environment, but also on ecological education young permjakov. Interesting and a useful occupation - manufacturing of starling houses - will help children to impart love to the nature and to teach them carefully to it to concern.

Who and as can become the participant of competition

this year a little has changed structure of participants of the action. If last year starling houses knocked together both families, and kids from kindergartens led by tutors now the commands can present only schools, grammar schools, lycees and establishments of additional education. Schoolboys can enter into a line-up at the age of 10 -
15 years and their teachers. It is clear that behind frameworks of competition nobody forbids also to other not indifferent people to ecology to construct habitation for birds or to organise feeding troughs. To become participants of competition, it is necessary to form the team from three pupils and one teacher. Then to make an application according to the presented form in organising committee. The demand should contain:

- a full name of educational institution;

- the name of a city, area; the mailing address with an index; contact phone; the e-mail address;

- the name of the command; FIO participants commands (class), FIO the head of the command or the teacher - predmetnika.

That is important: each educational institution can expose some commands.

Demands are accepted till April, 9th, 2010 to the electronic address: gim8dvza@yandex. ru with a mark the Spring starling house . Phone for inquiries - 8 - 912 - 48 - 16 - 119 (Tatyana Vladimirovna Dikusar).

Our inquiry

the International day of birds is marked on April, 1st, since 1906 - after signing of the International convention on protection of birds. The feast has come to Russia in 1918 - since then began kind tradition to construct in the beginning of April starling houses and to wait for an arrival of birds. In Perm is only 218 kinds of birds. In gnezdovjah, created by hands of the person, the ordinary starling, a white wagtail, field and house sparrows, vertishejka, zarjanka, a titmouse - moskovka and the black martin more often lodge.