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Hi, grandfather Freud

Old man Zigmund Freud   for a long time became property not only psychology, but also modern folklore. In an enterprise Freud`s kakainovyj congress before spectators there is mister Freud. Here the Austrian psychologist appears in an image of the hooligan, the clown, the provoker, the genius... And the addict who conducts straight talks with the patients, friends and enemies.

  despite an image of the clown - the joker, it appears that this person is able   is thin to feel and gently to love, suffer affliction and see all through. But its sharp eyes are escaped by the most important - love of its servant. All it is flavoured by the present detective plot with plot, shadowing, murder and, of course, a celebration of justice.

WHERE : Teatrium on Serpuhovke, street Pavlovsk, 6, the item of m. Serpukhov .

WHEN : on April, 7th and 21, the beginning in 19. 00.

the Price of tickets : from 500 to 1500 rbl.

Win tickets for performance Freud`s kakainovyj congress .
answer a question: Zigmunda Freud consider as the author...?
1) psychoanalysis   2) Theories about collective unconscious 3) to the Theory of probability

Answers send till April, 7th. Do not forget to fill out the name and phone number!