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Nizhegorodtsy Inhabitants of Nizhni Novgorod necessarily began to reach work on half an hour longer

began to go in for sports, and is more correct, walking. Has urged them it to make restriction of movement on the Kanavinsky bridge. Working on Lenin`s area to reach from nagornoj parts to Chernigov easier and on foot to pass on the blocked crossing. After all movement in rush hour in the morning there unilateral from below upwards. And other bridges stand.

restriction of movement on the Kanavinsky bridge has called intensity on roads on all city.
- stood metromost and approaches to it in the morning, - our reader Denis Mtrofanov has told. -
At midday, to the contrary, entrances to the Kanavinsky bridge stood, and on metromostu movement was free.
- I today from Car factory by 9 o`clock reached the area of Minina on half an hour longer, - the inhabitant of the biggest area Galina Sergeeva has told. - Movement has been complicated on each crossroads on a route of our bus, whereas earlier only in several points - on Proletarke, in front of the Molitovsky bridge, on the area of Ljadova.

On the Kanavinsky bridge now a constant stopper.
a photo: the Novel IGNATYEV

Having counted upon the allocated ways much nizhegorodtsy have changed on trams. But also those have at half past eight risen in Ilinsky street - the faced cars have blocked off its traffic. There was a sensation that the chaos from a head of people has moved on roads. Nobody understood where to go, how to go round the blocked bridge.

And to explain that to what on Monday was nobody people. Around midday at stops we and have not found the promised informants in orange waistcoats. Though last week officials have reported: to facilitate life to the townspeople, the first days around the Kanavinsky bridge will work specially trained people, so-called linear controllers . In their duties to explain, on what route buses now go how easier to reach in the necessary point of a city. Where has moved this or that stopping point, townspeople had to learn from the sheets of paper pasted on columns.

- the stop is now in the street Small Jamsky - the very young girl in the street Small Pokrovsk perplexed repeated these words, looking around. Round it there were same confused persons with wandering in search of this the Small Jamsky sights.

- I have arrived on employment to building academy from Kanavina, - the girl has told to us. - the top part of a city I know not so well, therefore where to go, now simply I do not represent. How much asked - nobody in a course.
we have reached and a stop on Small Jamsky. There informants too was not, as well as the equipped parking. That the public transport here stops, the signboard and crowd of people on sidewalk spoke only.

In a city there were new stops of public transport.
a photo: the Novel IGNATYEV

Meanwhile on the Kanavinsky bridge tram ways anybody also did not think yesterday to assort. Though in goradministratsii assured that these works will start immediately. On Christmas razvorotnoe a ring for trams while too only in thoughts of officials.

In a word, movement on the bridge have limited, buses have started up on other routes. On that while have calmed down