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Evgenie Chichvarkin will not arrive on funeral of mother

the disgraced businessman Living in London cannot wait a funeral of the mother Lyudmila Chichvarkinu. Evgenie Chichvarkin is convinced that in such a way it try to entice home, and to risk in these circumstances it not begins. Earlier law enforcement bodies already declared that as soon as the businessman will appear in Russia, he will be there and then arrested.

the Body 60 - the summer woman have found on kitchen of the Moscow apartment Chichvarkinyh past Saturday. I consider that it was murder - the businessman has declared.

As lawyer Chichvarkina Vladimir Zherebenkov has told, kuhonka is so small what to fall here to the utmost it is impossible: I some times drank with Lyudmila Gennadevnoj tea on this kitchen. It tiny, an order of 5 sq. m. the Table collapsible and two taburetochki. Where there to fall - I do not represent. Not with running start it fell. Therefore first of all I would consider the version about murder . Besides the woman it was sports, constantly worked in a kitchen garden and differed a sound health.

In the meantime the father of the businessman Alexander Chichvarkin (which for a long time lived separately with Lyudmila Chichvarkinoj) has given evidences yesterday in Office of Public Prosecutor where has agreed with the version of accident. As he said, no traces of struggle in the house are present, and is appreciable that Lyudmila came into a bathroom where tried to put to a head a wet towel. Keys from their apartment as father Chichvarkina assures, were only at the spouse and the servant. We will remind that the door of apartment has been locked from within.

it seemed To us strange that mum of the millionaire, let and fluent, huddled in such tiny flat. However, lawyer Chichvarkina does not see here anything especial. why you consider, what such people should live in palaces? - Has asked at Vladimir Zherebenkov. - the Clean, repaired flat. Here Evgenie was born, his mother showed me a sandbox in which Chichvarkin and Artemyev - its future partner " together played;.

Now, in its opinion if Evgenie even risks to wait a funeral of mum, on any concessions the Russian law enforcement bodies precisely will not go. Therefore a way home to companion Chi it is reserved.

Our state never concedes in such things. To one my client - to the werewolf from Moscow criminal investigation department - have organised in such situation an escort, but at Evgenie Aleksandrovicha such possibility is not present. Before consideration of a question on an extradition it has no right to leave territory of Great Britain. And not the fact that procedure will end by August, 2nd. Also there is a decision of Basmanny Court about its conclusion under guards. Evgenie Aleksandrovich fine understands it and take part in mournful event cannot - the lawyer has noted.