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Here Great Victory was born: a part 3

the Proletarian area of Kalinin in days of occupation has been grasped by fascist armies. But the Soviet soldiers have not allowed to Germans to break to Moscow, have not allowed to be carried out to Hitler`s the most courageous dreams.

1. Evgenie Pitchugin`s Street

the Street is named in honour of the Hero of Soviet Union, the fighter pilot 441 - go an aviation regiment, second lieutenant Evgenie Pitchugin. On its bill 82 of a fighting departure. On March, 19th, 1942 Evgenie Pitchugin has engaged in vicinities of Kalinin with 8 bombers and 4 fighters. It has prevented them to bomb a city. But, definitively to destroy plans of the opponent, Pitchugin had to go on taran. For the exploit it has been awarded the order Lenin. The pilot in a communal grave on Rjabeevsky highway is buried.

2. street Guerrilla

the Street was formed in 60 - e years of the last century. It is named in honour the guerrilla of the Tver region, struggling with by German - fascist aggressors.

3. street of Marshal Konev

Till 1976 the street was called 1 - I Running then to it have named the commander of Ivan Konev`s Kalininsky front. The marshal of Soviet Union, twice the Hero of Soviet Union, the gentleman of order Victory has been appointed by the commander on October, 17th, 1941. Under its command Kalinin has been released on December, 16th, 1941. Exactly in 25 years to Ivan Konev have appropriated a rank the Honourable citizen .

it is important!

It is converted to townsmen who can share with us the memoirs on those streets of Tver, whose names are connected with names and events of the Great Patriotic War.

We wait for your letters. Send the memoirs to the mailing address: 170008, Tver, street Lake, d. 11, edition of the newspaper - Tver . Or to the e-mail address jz@kptver. ru.