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Pupils of the Tyumen school have collected 600 portraits of front-line soldiers

Pupils 5 And a class now know history of the family on the five.
a photo: Shestak Yury
All of us saw, how in Tyumen and in other cities passes Parade of Victory: elegant columns, tags, balls, technics of military years, at the best - portraits of marshals... In the rest parade differs nothing from May Day. It for us, and our children at all do not see any difference. As it is sad, but with each new generation we lose communication with the past. For modern schoolboys 80 - e years already history! That to speak about the fortieth when our fathers and grandfathers perished.

- when we have started to collect portraits of front-line soldiers, great-grandfathers of the present schoolboys, many of them could not remember at all when war has begun, - Ekaterina Gossen, the director of studies of high school 40 tells. - the Idea was born five years ago when the school has started to prepare to 60 - letiju Victories. Named the project Persons of Victory . Children have brought some tens photos of the great-grandfathers, we have made gallery. And that is interesting, other children too wanted, that their relatives - front-line soldiers were included into gallery. Photos bore both pupils, and teachers. Moreover, all tried to learn as much as possible about the near relations, on particles have started to collect about them the information. Then it became clear that we on the right track.

work on to restoration of memory at the fortieth school it is conducted with all pupils every year. For five years in Ekaterina Gennadevny`s computer has collected more than 600 archival photos. Thanks to the new pedagogical approach two pupils have learnt that their great-grandfathers were Heroes of Soviet Union. At Aleshi Makarova the cousin great-grandfather not who other, as general Karbyshev, and at Gleb Gurjev the great-grandfather - pilot Tamerlan Karimovich Ishmuhamedov. Together with the contemporaries at the desire of the teacher the child has brought a portrait in school. It have learnt: So it is legendary Flying Tamerlan ! Thy great-grandfather - the Hero of Soviet Union! . Then, one year ago, the pupil of the second class still vaguely represented, what is this a rank such. Have become interested in the grandfather and young parents of the child, have started to collect about the grandfather - the pilot everything that it is possible to learn from accessible sources.
last year during Parade of Victory pupils from the fortieth school with the big portraits of the great-grandfathers waring on fronts, have passed for the first time a uniform column. Them   it was equal hundred persons though wishing to pass in a column was in two - three times more. Not this year will be an exception also.

all school has caught idea of preservation of history of a family. Children even have written the reference to schoolboys of a city and all country to leave on Parade of Victory with portraits of the front-line soldiers. Will support their appeal or not, we soon learn. Anyway, according to Sergey Desjatova, the director of high school 40, directors of all Tyumen schools have already adopted positive experience of patriotic work.