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In Gelendzhik cut down rare trees

On the most popular resort of Krasnodar territory it is noisy. Local residents are revolted by perfidious cutting down pitsundskoj pines and have written even the indignant letter to the governor of Kuban and speaker ZSK.

- Beauties grow in a park zone. There passes favourite by us, and visitors “ a track of health “ - inhabitants of houses นน 5 And, 5, 7, 35 on street Ordzhonikidze are distressed. - We liked to walk there with children earlier, to have a rest. And now trees ruthlessly cut down.

benzopily and the crash of falling trees has reminded Squeal to the people that zemlishka in this place is interesting not only to them. There have cut down already 42 young trees of rare breed. It is not known, how much have still cut, if the people have not interfered and almost “ a live board “ has partitioned off a way “ to woodcutters “.

By the way, we have handed over this information in administration of a resort. There have only declared that “ Wood should be protected “ also have promised to make investigation.

But it not a unique place in a resort where, according to the people, transgression. On Thin cape the third year manages Open Company “ Z Progress “ received still five years ago three ground areas under “ recreational building “ and in practice erecting there the apartment houses which do not have any relation to rest of people. In Divnomorsky build residence of the Orthodox church without ecological examination, and the Krasnodar firm “ Modus “ - cottage settlement.

- the Only thing “ the document “ on which builder it was authorised to cut down the trees brought in the Red book of the Russian Federation, the letter signed by the head of department of housing and communal services of administration of Gelendzhik Valery Stepannikova was, - are distressed in Ecological watch across the North Caucasus. - thus its management is unauthorized to dispose krasnoknizhnymi of trees!

- I Consider that pitsundu will cut down all the same by means of militia. In Novorossisk I have faced the same - continuous formal replies of officials, - one of visitors of a forum " reflects; Our Novorossisk “. - From Krasnodar the answer has come that infringements were, but as trees are cut already down, and the penalty is paid, they do not see sense to stop building.

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