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The power giant of USA General Electric will test in Norway work of the new turbines

the Power giant of USA General Electric invests 100 million USD in development vetroenergetiki Norway, not selfishly.

In the future the country of fjords should play the leading part in strategy of development coastal vetroenergeticheskoj the industries of the American company.

It is supposed that General Electric will create for Norwegians of 100 new workplaces.

According to Norwegian state pochtovo - information company Norway Post, General Electric will create the new Center of development of technologies of work in a coastal zone to show work of the new turbines in territory of a commune of Verdal with the subsequent increase in volume of their manufacture.

the Minister of Energy and oil extractings of Tere Rice - Juhansen named statement General Electric good news.

The decision made by Americans proves that Norway is the country attractive to investors, competent of the wind industry of world level. It is pleasant to me to know that it is the country where industrialists and the power can work together for the blessing of development vetroenergeticheskoj the industries - he speaks.

Vetroenergetika is the market which the next years will have considerable development. It opens new possibilities for various branches of the Norwegian industry - the minister of trade and the industry of Norway has added Trond Giske, informs an information portal norse. ru.