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Uljanovtsy mogug to ask about gossofinansirovanie pensions

the Pension fund of the Russian Federation has started koll - the centre concerning participation in the program state sofinansirovanija pensions. The purpose of the project - to supply as much as possible full information on it, to answer often asked questions.

Having called by free round-the-clock phone 8 - 800 - 5055555, any interested person can learn in details how the program gossofinansirovanija pensions, who and as can enter it for whom special conditions and etc. Besides physical persons are created works, operators koll - the centre will advise also employers who also can participate in this project.

it is necessary to remind that for reception state sofinansirovanija, the participant of the program should list within a year in fund of the future pension from 2000 to 12000 roubles. In this case the state will double this money. It is possible to pay by the month or single payment, and both through accounts department of the enterprise, and through any bank. As the third party of such contract the employer who thus receives privileges from the state can act.

the Program state sofinansirovanija is calculated for 10 years from the moment of the first voluntary payment of the citizen. To enter the program it is possible till October, 1st, 2013.


Veterans of the Great Patriotic War can learn about payments

on April, 5,7,9,13,20,27th in Branch of the Pension fund across the Ulyanovsk region will pass hot lines concerning increase of pension and other social payments since April, 1st and payments to 65 - letiju Victories in the Great Patriotic War. Experts of fund will respond to questions of the population. Call from 15 o`clock till 17 o`clock by phone (8422 42 73 73.


7 600 roubles since April, 1st, 2010 after indexation for 6,3 percent will make the average size of a labour old-age pension in the Ulyanovsk region. Social pensions will be increased by 8,8 percent. As a result of their average size in area will reach 4 155 roubles.