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Who will help to choose the future trade?

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Resp. The centre of the prof. of orientation of youth
to Everyone who comes here on consultation, suggest to fill specially developed questionnaire with the general data on and to pass test which will allow to define propensities, personal qualities, temperament of the child. On the basis of these questionnaires the psychologist will tell, what trades can approach.
it is not limited. Basically schoolboys from 14 till 17 years.
Cost of consultation - 18 000 rbl. If besides the psychologist are required consultation fiziotera - pevta (if there are problems with health and it is necessary to learn, what trades do not approach) - 21 000. Rbl.
Minsk, avenue Nezavi - simosti, 46
(017 293 - 79 - 48(017) 284 - 50 - 96
Minsk gos. Palace of children and youth
Schoolboys can participate in two-month training on proforient. Employment pass once a week on Sundays and two hours last. On them psychologists help to define the personal qualities to understand, what trade could approach. Besides, are possible and individual - nye consultations.
Middle age participating in training - 14 - 15 years, however no restrictions are present.
the Complete course of employment costs 70 000 rbl. To the individual - alnye consultations are free, if they pass in working hours: with 9. 00 to 18. 00. For more later time it is necessary to pay: about 20 000 rbl. for konsulta - tsiju.
Minsk, It is old - vilensky a path, 41
(017 233 - 85 - 89
Faculty douniver. Educations BGU
On the individual - oh consultations of the schoolboy the psychologist will talk and by results of this conversation will pick up indiv - j a set of tests. The psychologist and the schoolboy will discuss their results once again in the form of a role-playing game: concrete reality situations, possible in this or that trade. It will help to make a definitive choice. The psychologist can talk and to parents of the child about what they see the future of the fumes. On consultation also give the information on high schools where such speciality can be received.
From 15 years.
Consultation costs 35 000 rbl.
Minsk, street Moscow, 15
(017 259 - 70 - 85
the Grodno regional centre of the prof. Orientations of youth
Experts of the centre carry out consultations for choice trades, on the basis of special tests define the prof. an orientation, make recommendations about the most suitable trades, offer possible and accessible variants of reception of a trade taking into account propensities, interests, abilities, a state of health.
the Age is not limited, basically pupils 8 - 11 classes.
For pupils - it is free. For voennoslu - zhashchih, I dismiss - shchihsja in a stock, and those who takes place professional selection, - 6500 rbl. For adults who search for itself or change a trade - 9500 rbl.
  Grodno, street Uritsky, 1
8(015) 77 - 03 - 55, 77 - 03 - 26 Electronic mail: profcenter@tut. by the Site: http:// profcenter. grodno. by
Interschool UPK 1 labour trainings and proforien - and pupils of Gomel
Psychologists carry out trainings with pupils; on the basis of tests help sorientir - sja with a choice of the future trade.
Pupils 9 - 11 classes.
it is free
Gomel, street Kropotkina, 2
8(0232) 714110 8(0232) 714321