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On the championship on armsportu 115 sportsmen have gathered in Izhevsk

the Open championship of Udmurtiya on armsportu passed on November, 27th in the first case UdGu. To be overcome for a rank of the strongest there have arrived 115 sportsmen from all republic. From them 86 persons – men, and 29 – women. All of them representatives of the Izhevsk high schools, high schools from Zavjalovsky, Uvinsky, Igrinsky, Debessky, Sarapulsky areas of Udmurtiya. And also there were representatives and from Naberezhnye Chelny, informs a press - the attache of the Ministry of physical training, sports and tourism of Udmurtiya Shadrin`s Hope .  

the Photo: Minsportturizma Udmurtiyas.

the Photo: Minsportturizma Udmurtiyas.

Names of winners and prize-winners (all-round – the left hand and a right hand) on categories:


the Weight category to 50 kg :

1)       Ekaterina Surich (IzhGTU)

2)       Maria Bobkova (IzhGTU)

3)       Victoria Timchenko (IzhGTU)

the Weight category to 55 kg :

1)       Alfija Kasimova (Uva)

2)       Marina Suvorov (UdGU)

3)       Christina Valiahmetova (Emb. Boats)

the Weight category to 60 kg :

1)       the Dyne of Sabitova (IzhGTU)

2)       Natalia Laguza (Emb. Boats)

3)       Albina Bozhirjan (UdGU)

the Weight category to 65 kg :

1)       Olga Orehova (Emb. Boats)

2)       Olga Jufereva (Debesy)

3)       Gulina Mullanurova (UdGU)

the Weight category to 70 kg :

1)       Alija Shamsieva (Emb. Boats)

2)       Maria Lozhkin (IzhGsHA)

3)       marine Belyh (Game)

the Weight category over 70 kg :

1)       Hope of Zagrebina (IzhGsHA)

2)       Alexander Bortnikova (IzhGTU)

3)       Natalia Perevoshchikova (UdGU)


the Weight category to 55 kg :

1)       Irek Zijatdinov (Emb. Boats)

2)       Alexander Cheremnykh (UdGU)

3)       Evgenie Stolbov (IzhGTU)

the Weight category to 60 kg :

1)       Vitaly Krasnoperov (Sarapul)

2)       Ivan Damians (UdGU)

3)       Igor Romanov (IzhGSHA)

the Weight category to 65 kg :

1)       Ilshat Iksanov (IzhGsHA)

2)       Ildar Fajshanov (Emb. Boats)

3)       Dmitry Kostyuk (UdGU)

the Weight category to 70 kg :

1)       Vitaly Dengin (UdGU)

2)       Konstantin Kolomiets (IzhGTU)

3)       Has named Ajrapetjan (UdGU)

the Weight category to 75 kg :

1)       Michael Tyulkin (UdGU)

2)       Vadim Uljashev (Emb. Boats)

3)       artem Smiths (IzhGTU)

the Weight category to 80 kg:

1)       Andrey Beljaev (IzhGSHA)

2)       Andrey Korjakin (Zavjalovo)

3)       Alexander Botalov (UdGU)

the Weight category to 85 kg :

1)       Marat Salitov (Emb. Boats)

2)       Diamond Zakirov (Emb. Boats)

3)       Alexander Ohotnikov (UdGU)

the Weight category to 90 kg :

1)       Nikolay Pechenkin (IzhGsHA)

2)       Andrey Maksimov (Game)

3)       Alexey Russky (UdGU)

the Weight category over 90 kg :

1)       Lenar Ilaletdinov (IzhGTU)

2)       Sevastjan Danasienko (Zavjalovo)

3)       Alexey Luzin (IzhGTU)


In command offset the away team from Naberezhnye Chelny was in the lead, 2 - e the place has got to IzhGsHA, and 3 - e – UdGU.

the Photo: Minsportturizma Udmurtiyas.