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The svezhenaznachennyj mayor of Ekaterinburg: it is difficult, when all on the newcomer

For a week, according to Evgenie Porunova, on it the huge weight of work and at it &ndash has pulled hard every day; a constant time trouble, at an o`clock on three actions – meetings, meetings, receptions, and here still the snowfall has thrown problems …

- It would be desirable, that such intense rhythm has soon ended.   I think that now simply such situation named « all on the newcomer ». I hope, soon all will resolve and will enter into operating conditions, and I have already begun that podustavat, - Evgenie Porunov has told.

But to a respite, apparently, to Porunovu it is still far. And he understands it.   at least, the snowfall will not stop yet, there is no time to relax.

- We use the best efforts not to admit a transport collapse. Road workers constantly clean streets, but them sweeps up again, – Evgenie Porunov assured. - For Sunday from a city have taken out four thousand tons of snow. For Monday – already seven.

In the conversation Evgenie Porunov has responded to delicate questions, having assured at once that from city - the manager when that will appoint, he will not war also a blanket on itself(himself) is not going to draw.

- Under my forecasts of city - Alexander Jacob becomes the manager. At least, I would like it. But anyway – we will work well together, – Evgenie Porunov has told. – That to the city to change that strategy of development which was put by Arcady Chernetsky, I do not gather.   and to alter already generated shape of Ekaterinburg I will not be. Shopping centres were under construction as before, and will be under construction, because people need them.

At last, the head of Ekaterinburg has commented on the emotional statement Ural rokera Vladimir Shahrina who has told that it met Porunovym in Soviet period and that ostensibly threatened the musician: « you not sing those songs! You will have problems! ».

-   before to speak about the person well or badly, it is necessary to learn it, I so consider. But I will not remember that when - that personally met Shahrinym.   Most likely, he was mistaken and with someone me has mixed, - Evgenie Porunov has commented.   Internally we are not familiar with it, I know only it as the musician of group « a Chaif » and no more. So I will leave Vladimir Shahrina`s statements on its conscience and on Evgenie Rojzmana`s conscience and the unscrpulous mass-media, which these words have published, probably, having deformed thus.