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In the Rostov region investigation on criminal case about murder of a family of member of spetsnaz Dmitry Chudakova

In the Rostov region is finished investigation of loud criminal case concerning Alexey Serenko accused of fulfilment of some murders, including member of spetsnaz Dmitry Chudakova, his wife and two children is finished. Under the version of the investigation, the security guard « Diamond » has shot a family of the militiaman from « Sajgi » which subsequently in it have found out.

- Prichastnost Serenko to incriminated crimes proves to be true set of the collected proofs, including the conclusions of the ballistic judicial examinations which have established that at fulfilment of murders used the carbine « Sajga » - informs investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor Russia.

we Will remind, « Repeatedly wrote about brutal murder of a family of Nizhniy Novgorod member of spetsnaz Dmitry Chudakova which has occurred on July, 8th about 3 o`clock in the morning on a federal line « Don ». Spouses with children - 11 - a summer daughter Veronica and 7 - summer Sashej   - came back by the car from the Black Sea coast and have stopped on rest about settlement the Dawn that in 10 kilometres from Rostov. Unknown gangsters have shot from a fowling piece at Dmitry, his wife and the son, and then finished a knife a wounded daughter. The laptop and a cellular telephone became extraction of beasts.


Semja Chudakovyh.