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The Chita maniac is sentenced to 12 years of a high security

33 - summer Ruslan Kazantsev - the Chita maniac with the experience, sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment with serving in a corrective colony of a high security.

On its bill 13 of crimes, among them 2 rapes, 6 robberies, 2 thefts and 3 swindles, the press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of Transbaikalian edge informs.

All crimes are made by Kazantsev from April till August, 2009.

As Lyudmila Klimov has told the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Railway disctrict of the city of Chita:

- Kazantsev quite realised public danger of the acts, made them deliberately and hoped to avoid criminal punishment.

In July, 2009 on the bank of lake Kenon it has enticed the girl into a bush, has beaten and has raped her.

In a month the crime repeats, it again finds a victim among walking youth. Again fraudulently entices into Victory Park Chita the minor girl, beats it, threatens with murder and there and then in bushes makes over last the violent certificate. After all has taken with itself a cellular telephone of the girl of a trade mark « Fly ».

Beating at Kazantsev was special   the fad it coolly beat also other victims.

So, in August, 2009 he tried to take hold in the street of Quay of the regional centre the car « Honda - the Partner ». Has beaten the driver, however that managed to escape as a result from attacking with a key from the ignition lock, having blocked car doors.

Earlier in April, May and July, 2009 its victims were four inhabitants of Chita whom Kazantsev has beaten and has stolen at them gold ornaments and other jewelry, cellular telephones, home appliances.

It did it uhishchrenno, deceiving victims.

One of its victims - the aged mistress of apartment along the street Butina. Which he has asked permissions to call from city phone of its apartment. Having used, that the woman hardly moves indoors and does not see its actions, it has stolen at it a gold suspension bracket, a ring and a chain, a cellular telephone for a total sum of 13,5 thousand roubles.

Three times Kazantsev fraudulently zapoluchal cellular telephones at minors,   causing suffered a material damage from 3 to 6 thousand roubles.

Cynical Kazantsev in the majority crimes incriminated to it the fault did not recognise. He searched more and more uhishchrennye for justifyings for itself(himself).

For example:

- concerning an attack on the driver « Hondas - the Partner » it has explained to court that went for a drive together with it and the girl. Then the driver has quarrelled with the girl concerning payment for journey, and Kazantsev began to persuade him not to quarrel, but that has jumped out of the car and has escaped. And who has beaten the driver, he does not know;

- the raped minor girl, say, itself began to render it attention signs, smiled ambiguously, has unbuttoned to it a shirt, has thrust with it to walk, climbed to kiss and etc.

the Pier, it in what it is not guilty, she wanted that, and, that he has not wanted to become its guy now revenges it.

the Court carefully investigated all proofs presented by the state charge, has heard indications of witnesses and has come to a conclusion about guiltliness of the defendant in fulfilment of the named crimes. Thus the court also has satisfied claims of victims about compensation of a material damage by it and indemnifications of the caused moral harm.

the Sentence has not entered validity.