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In Bashkiria there live four billionaires

It officially, that is those people who are not ashamed of the mammon and openly declare it. About it on a press - conferences in agency « Interfax » the chief of the department of federal tax service of Russia across Bashkiria has told Marat Vahitov . As he said, the number of rouble billionaires has not changed lately. All of them have earned denzhishcha on operations with securities. Nobody opens naturally, their names. But it, according to Marata Musaevicha, the same people, as, we will tell year and two back.

And here we have more millionaires – an order of ten thousand persons. And one and a half years ago millionaires was much less – about seven thousand persons. Probably, all of us - taki leave crisis.  


Bashkiria in Privolzhsky federal district takes the third place on a collecting of taxes after Tatarii and the Samara region. For January - October of this year tax specialists have collected 135,7 billion roubles in all budgets. It for 17 percent more than for the same period of last year. In the consolidated state republican purse thus remains twice less – 60,7 billion or for 3 percent more than last year.