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11 - from the Kaliningrad region

change of lungs is required From Lery Semakinoj the terrible diagnosis &ndash to the summer girl; mukovistsidoz. This genetic disease which amazes lungs. One lung at Lery does not function any more. In Russia disease treat   expensive antibiotics Kolistin and Meronem but transplantation of lungs is already necessary for the girl.

the Israeli clinic has agreed to survey Leru, the bill - 12 thousand dollars. At parents of the child of such money is not present. After inspection doctors will sound transplantation cost, but it is already clear that it is not less 250 thousand dollars. Now Leru hospitalised in regional hospital - its status worsens.

We wrote about Leru in the spring. Then the whole world possible to raise money for expensive preparations, now it is a question of operation.  

Mum of the girl, Julia,   has told:

- In 2 months Lera was ill with an obstructive bronchitis, she simply choked. Since six months added in weight a little and badly grew, through everyone 2 - 3 months we lay in hospitals. Doctors long could not understand that to it occurs, and put different diagnoses. In 2003 have suspected infiltrativnyj a tuberculosis of the right lung with the centres, Leru hospitalised in a tubercular clinic where it was treated 5 months, but without a positive effect. In 2004 has been hospitalised in Sacred Olga`s hospital of St.-Petersburg where have removed the diagnosis a tuberculosis also have put mukovistsidoz.

Everyone   three months we spent antibacterial therapy in children`s regional hospital. Once a year were treated in RDKB g Moscow, passed highly technological inspections.

This summer again were in capital. At receipt the status of the child was very heavy, oxygen insufficiency, frequent cough. Leru connected to the humidified oxygen that began to breathe. Doctors said that there is no hope to rescue Lerochku, but I believed that the hope is always. I knew that my daughter strong, and it can overcome this illness.

In 12 days it had prompt positive dynamics, the doctor has told that threat for life already is not present. Wrote out Lerochku in a stable status, but have warned that she should breathe constantly antibiotics and each 3 months to spend antibacterial therapy, as at it chronic sinegnojnaja the infection devouring lungs. People kind, save life to my child! How painfully to hear: Mum, I die, rescue me!

In an emergency order it is required to collect the sum on inspection in clinic of Israel – 12 thousand dollars. The family rather poor, is one more child. Let`s help!

Purses for Lery on the Web - attract:


Z160725344801 (dollars)

E353021019580 (euro)

Yandex - Money 41001567941804


Bank details

the Kaliningrad Bank SB of the Russian Federation the Soviet branch 7382

an INN 7707083893 Korr/ bill 30101810100000000634 in GRKTS GU of Bank of Russia across the Kaliningrad region

r/ the bill 30301810820006002018 in Kaliningrad OSB 8626 BIK 042748634

personal account Number 42307810720183002434  

the Addressee - Hraimenkova Julia Vasilevna.


Julia`s Phone: +79216131744