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On a post of the head of Murmansk have offered Alexey Veller

the City Council has not supported idea of the deputy of Olga Paninoj about self-dissolution. We will remind, to take such step it has offered after Stepan Tananykina`s statement for the resignation, made this morning at City Council session.

For acceptance of resignation of Stepan Aleksandrovicha from a municipal union post of the head 21 deputy, against &ndash was voiced; 2, have refrained too 2. Temporarily fulfilling duties of the chairman have appointed Sergey Babenko. And then began to discuss Alexey Veller`s offered by Tananykinym as the heir nominee. Other nominees were not put forward.

- When chose Tananykina, I voted for Veller, - deputy Sergey Gabrieljan unexpectedly admitted. – On the previous work it showed time and again a political maturity.

- If the tandem Veller &ndash will take place; Sysoyev, it will be very perspective, - deputy Evgenie Shovsky has supported Alexey Borisovicha.

- Certainly, at Veller is both lacks, and positive lines, - newly made city - manager Andrey Sysoyev has told. – but such nominee is necessary to us now!

After all discussions on a tribune there was Alexey Veller.

- it is Less, than for 2 years, I the third time stand on a tribune as the candidate, - Veller has counted up. – all this time the City Council was in a struggle stage. It is necessary to make the decision. How to move further. Now there are preconditions for teamwork of Council of deputies and a city administration. It does not mean that we should merge in ecstasy, but kontruktivno to work together should!

ballot on a nominee of the head of municipal union Now should take place. It is selected from among deputies of the City Council. Considering that the nominee is offered only one - Alexey Veller, somenvatsja in results of elections it is not necessary.