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In Krasnoyarsk since the morning there were already 147 failures

the Prospectus the Free, October bridge, the Second Bryansk, the Guerrilla of Iron ore, Matrosova …   All these streets it is literally since morning are hammered by cars. From - for a dense stream of transport of a car dvizhutsja so it is close to each other that failures – are inevitable.

As have told in a shelf of traffic police of traffic police across Krasnoyarsk, such here failures it is registered only by the current moment 147.

- Serious failures are not present – basically it is small enough damages of cars from - for distance non-observance, - the inspector of a regiment Alexander Kozlov speaks. – today on roads « it is thrown » the strengthened structure of employees of a regiment which are on duty on all dangerous sites and, in case of occurrence of emergencies, a stream regulate manually.

the Most difficult   the situation has now developed on the prospectus Free, a ring before the Meat-packing plant and Space – There the road covering is very strong nakatano.

DPSniki ask drivers to be extremely careful and to observe a distance.