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Large families will move to Leningrad region?

the message of Russian president Dmitry Medvedev to Federal meeting has added problems to the authorities of Northern capital. After all the head of the state has urged all regions to adopt experience of the Ivanovo area where to each family in which the third child is born, the ground for erection of own house is allocated.

- In Petersburg, unfortunately, there is no earth under individual housing construction, - has complained Valentine Matvienko`s governor. - Therefore for us and for Moscow this problem almost unsoluble.

However, Matvienko has there and then found a way out:

- We will carry on negotiations with a management of Leningrad region - at them enough earth. Also we will sign the agreement in which frameworks the ground areas to such families will be allocated for area territories. I hope that the authorities of Leningrad region with understanding will concern it: This increase in the population of region, is hands in the future.

the Governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdjukov has already responded to Valentina Matvienko`s idea. And though Petersburg gradonachalnitsa officially to it with this offer it was not converted yet, he has already charged to make changes to the local law on granting of the ground areas. Now those who has lived in region not less than five years can receive plots only. Now possibility construct the house is given also to large families from other subjects of Federation. Naturally, first of all it will concern the nearest neighbours - Petersburgers.

- Also will make the changes, allowing to capture this law and youth, - has informed a press - secretary Serdjukova Natalia Sheludko. - After all to us come to work young experts.

the Received free sites three years it is impossible will neither give, nor to sell is it is made to exclude gamble by the earth. Besides, owners of plots are obliged within three years to construct on them the house.

- Thus they will confirm that their intentions to live in region are serious, - has explained Sheludko.

However, on what a mansion begins to erect large families while it is not clear. After all very few people from them can brag of a prosperity.

- In Petersburg already gave out such sites, - has told a member of Remedial advice, eks - deputy ZakSa Natalia Evdokimova. - But there is a problem: people should search for the huge sums - all know, how much is to spend an infrastructure and to construct the house. To me on reception such family came: to it have given a naked site, and further, have told, understand. I enquired, and it has appeared that at us such order really operates. It is necessary to give the Earth to those who wants it to take and it is capable to construct the house. And who does not have such money, it is possible to give apartments.

With Evdokimovoj it has suddenly appeared its old political opponent, speaker ZakSa Vadim of Tulips agrees.

- to Encourage families in which three and there are more than children, we will try not sites, and apartments, - he has declared, making comments on the presidential message. - in an earth city not so it is a lot of. We even had to go on an unpopular measure and legislatively to cancel an order, on which earths under building of houses by a special-purpose designation   the merited Petersburgers received.