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Samarchanka and which the flight of dogs has attacked, Samarchanka Tatyana Mineeva who in January of this year was bitten by dogs in park of a name of Shchorsa has seized at the mayoralty almost 41 thousand roubles

, tried to seize at city administration of 516 thousand roubles of moral harm. The mayoralty was not going to indemnify a loss to the suffered woman. Officials assert that catching of animals on city streets is conducted regularly.

However the mayoralty nevertheless had to pay samarchanke money, though and not all sum. The woman has received only 12 - uju a part from the required sum – 925 roubles all 40 thousand. Such decision was taken out today by Lenin district court.   thus, suffered have refunded expenses on payment it is judicial - medical examination, expenses on consultation of the surgeon, expenses on fee of the representative and compensated moral harm. We will notice that traumas which were received by Tatyana, were from the very beginning qualified as easy and average weight. The judgement has entered validity, the regional Office of Public Prosecutor informs.

we Will remind, on January, 20th Tatyana Mineevu was attacked by flight   dogs in park ShChorsa.

– in the Evening, about half ninth, I came back home with usual road from visitors, I there all life went, – remembers   pensioner Tatyana Mineeva. – Nearby to parking place on a path there were to me towards some mongrels. Have started to bark. A minute later after them from parking dogs have run out more largely. The flight has surrounded me, bark all became more malicious and louder. I have tried to pass through a system. Then dogs have snatched on me.

the Woman have tumbled down on the earth and have started to tear canines from the different parties. She shouted « help, to the aid! » tried to push away dogs hands. When teeth zashchelkali near a nape, has flung away aside a cap.

– I have thought, - I will distract them, – the woman explains. – For half-minute they have departed, have then returned. And round anybody! I have thought, me the end!

By a lucky chance, on parking place to this moment there has arrived the car. Probably, the driver has noticed the woman beating off from rack. The man has run up to it.


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