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Victor Tolokonsky: « the Nationality the Siberian it is normal! »

today in a press - the centre - Novosibirsk Victor Tolokonsky`s video conference, the plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in the Siberian federal district, with editors and journalists of regional representations " has taken place; in regions of Siberia.

During the video bridge journalists - Kemerovo have reminded Victor Aleksandrovichu that during the All-Russia population census - 2010 many inhabitants of Siberia wrote in the column a nationality in the questionnaire of copyists the Siberian .

It is normal! In my opinion, it is the positive factor meaning that at inhabitants of our regions are developed both feeling of patriotism, and feeling of the small native land, - Victor Tolokonsky has responded. - Russia - the huge country. We and in everyday situations name ourselves Siberians. Here I was born in Novosibirsk, all life I live here and often I speak: I the Siberian! . On work I should co-operate often with zemljachestvami which are formed, for example, in Moscow (they are both at Novosibirsk, and at Kemerovo areas) so even there hundreds people which left to work in capital with pride speak: We Siberians! . It seems to me of Siberians distinguishes backbone, after all they objectively live in more difficult conditions and economic, and prirodno - climatic is more often, have got used to difficulties. Even our frosts to endure - and that is required certain training! Not to ache, and to rejoice strong moroztsu. It seems to me that Siberians kind, opened, fair, ingenuous, maybe, sometimes naive. Also there are no in them any sly fellows. It seems to me that Siberians - people on whom always it is possible to rely, therefore I very much value the accessory to Siberians...