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In the Volgograd region ten settlements remain without an electricity

Yesterday`s hurricane has had time to add works and kommunalshchikam, and to emergency services. Flaws on Tuesday reached 30 metres per second. Most of all from elements have suffered northern area area – there broke trees, took down roofs from office buildings and apartment houses. According to administration of the Volgograd region, in eight settlements of Mihajlovsky, Danilovsky, Kotovsk and New Anninsky areas roofs on social objects are hurt. Today on a place of state of emergency workers restore roofs.    

On liquidation of the consequences put by a gale work also power. As have told in a press - Open Society service « MRSK the South » in the areas which have suffered from elements, there is recovery work. First of all power supply of socially significant objects is provided: kindergartens, schools, water intaking stations.

At present in the Volgograd region work 62 under abnormal condition - regenerative brigades from 256 persons provided with 85 units of a special equipment. All technological infringements called by a heavy wind on November, 30th, have been operatively eliminated, but as in region the elements continue to rage, 19 settlements in Old Poltava, Olhovsky, Kotovsk, Zhirnovsky, Elansky, Danilovsky, Kamyshinsky, Mihajlovsky, Kumylzhensky, Frolovsky and Ilovlinsky areas have appeared partially disconnected for the morning on December, 1st.

Where - that works have already ended and according to all available data from the Ministry of Emergency Measures, disconnected there are already 10 settlements.

we Will remind, yesterday, on November, 30th in a number of areas of the Volgograd region as a result of influence of the spontaneous weather phenomena (a wind over 28 m/ with, intensive deposits in the form of a rain and a hailstones) have occurred faults in work of the power equipment of distributive networks.