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In Vologda have found an exact place of church prepobodnomuchenika Galaktiona

the Rests of the base of the destroyed church were found out last week by conventual community of Spaso - the Prilutsky monastery.  

experts « were engaged in Searches of a site of church; Managements on restoration and use of monuments of history and culture in the Vologda area » led by archeologist Igor Kukushkinym.

- Archeologists and historians have collected old maps, drawings and the photos given by me, and on their basis the expert Anna Lojko by means of mathematical calculations has defined possible proportions of the former structure and has put them on modern city map, - has told to the correspondent « » a press - the secretary of Department of culture and protection of objects of a cultural heritage of area Evgenie Starikov.

It was possible to establish that Znamensky church was where - that between a monument to victims of political repressions and athletic field, near to houses 56 and 58 along the street Pretechensky.

the Rector of orthodox spiritual school protopope Alexey Sorokin has told that the idea to find a site of the destroyed church belongs to regional archdiocese.

- that still is presently nezasluzhenno the forgotten places where there were orthodox relics earlier, to a city of honour does not do, - Alexey Sorokin has told. - any such place is significant and expensive to church, especially if the sacred promoter of Vologda there is buried. Installation on a holy site of Poklonnogo of a cross will restore historical memory.

the Znamensky Church is connected with a name prepodobnomuchenika Galaktiona Vologda.
a photo: Department of culture and protection of objects of a cultural heritage of the Vologda area

In two years on sacred for believers vologzhan a place will establish Poklonnyj a cross or a memorable chapel. Building will be dated to 400 - letiju representations prepodobnomuchenika by Galaktiona Vologda with which name the Znamensky Church is connected.

Prepodobnomuchennik Galaktion has been killed polsko - the Lithuanian aggressors in 1612. It was the founder Piously - Duhova of a monastery in Vologda from which today there were only a few economic constructions, nastojatelskih and brotherly cells and the decapitated church of the Holy Ghost.

the Inquiry « »

the Stone five-dome church of the Sign of the Holy Virgin Theotokos has been constructed in 1867   on a place of wooden church which has burnt down. In the beginning of the XX-th century the temple has been closed. In 1924 in it there was a management of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs, and in a prewartime the church was disassembled to the basis. Long time an input on territory were Piously - Duhova of a monastery has been limited, and eventually the exact location of a relic has been lost.