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Engelssky deputies ask Medvedev to understand with arrest of the head of area

On Tuesday, on November, 30th, in the evening on an administration site engelsskogo area there was a post card of meeting of deputies to Dmitry Medvedev. They ask the president to pay special attention on a legal investigation of Michael Lysenko.

« results endurances from it:

  « Today you were converted with the Message to Federal Meeting of the Russian Federation.
you have defined the next priorities of development of our state. Inhabitants of Engelssky municipal area, as well as all citizens of our country, with deep satisfaction observe of the positive changes occurring in a society. You, as the Guarantor of protection of constitutional laws of citizens of Russia, carry out many-sided to the policy, directed on improvement of living conditions, protection of the rights and interests of each Russian. We, deputies of Meeting of deputies of Engelssky municipal area, under the direction of the Head of area of Michael Alekseevicha Lysenko realised your ideas on a place, the decisions directed on development of municipal area and improvement of quality of life of our townspeople and inhabitants of village made. It was possible to us » much;.  

« the Reached successes are caused, mainly, an effective management of Michael Alekseevicha Lysenko which has three times received and has justified support of inhabitants, being selected the deputy from one district; has twice got support of deputies which have selected its Head of Engelssky municipal area. At the initiative of heads of municipal unions of the Saratov region has been selected by the Chairman of association « Advice of municipal unions of the Saratov region » which under its management in November, 2010 has occupied the second prize-winning places in the All-Russia competition « the Best municipal union ».
All it was to … On the night of November, 28th, 2010 Michael Alekseevich Lysenko is detained, subsequently concerning it the preventive punishment in the form of imprisonment is applied. In a turn putannoj, not clear and ridiculous information to us still has not clear the main thing: where suddenly « has disappeared » a lawful state? Where the right of citizens to reception of objective trustworthy information has disappeared? »  

« Analyzing messages of television channels, the Internet - resources we see creation of a demonic image: « the head of Engelssky area – the leader of the criminal grouping, operating two decades ». Mass media, referring to law enforcement bodies, show shots of operative shooting « the weapon, breaking of doors, detention of the leader of grouping » against a video series the information on detention of the head of Engelssky area is given. We assure you that neither the house, nor the weapon, the person in a shot do not concern Michael Alekseevichu Lysenko. »  

« Advancing unreliable information pushes on thought on political underlying reason of a current situation. In March, 2011 elections of local deputies of new convocation and the new Head of area lay ahead. In our opinion, Michael Alekseevich Lysenko is one of the most skilled, authoritative and effective heads not only regional, but also regional level. We connect the beginning of this unprecedented political campaign with it.
dear Dmitry Anatolevich! Convincingly we ask you to take under personal control an investigation course. Sincerely we hope for objective trial. We believe that you stop this dirty campaign, reveal and will put to the place of the people, standing up for this process.
all of us sincerely believe in decency, honesty and zakonoposlushnost Michael Alekseevicha Lysenko. We ask you to save system of the Russian justice from a miscarriage of justice directed to please of political interests of separate persons ».