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The marksman who has wounded the driver of a grader

Today already towards evening militia are found have found that marksman who has wounded the driver of a grader. In search of the hooligan police officers were helped by citizens.

- the Suspect, having learnt from mass-media that its person is established, itself has called in militia and has promised that in the near future together with the representative of the Chechen diaspora will come to the Department of Internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg to give evidences., - informs   the head pres - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area Valery Gorelyh - the Voluntary appearance it intends to commute the punishment.

we Will remind, yesterday in 19. 55 in the street Sinjaeva, in Top - Isetsky area the driver of a foreign car « Infniti »   29 - the summer Chechen on a surname Musaev, without wishing to drive away the car from a roadside, has shot from a pistol at an eye to the driver of a grader 36 - to summer Evgenie Petrov and has disappeared. Quarrel has occurred, how Evgenie Petrov – the director of branch   « Spetstranslajn » villages for a grader wheel to help to pull out a waggon which has got to a snow trap. But on a way snegouborshchika has risen incorrectly parked « Infniti ». Petrov has asked the owner of a foreign car to drive away the car, but that has not listened to a reason voice. Skirmish, and then was fastened, Musaev has snatched out a pistol and has opened fire (see « In Ekaterinburg the motorist on « Infiniti » has shot to the driver of a grader at an eye »).

on the given fact criminal case as regards 1 article 213 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (hooliganism with fire-arms application) is already brought. From investigatory department the OHM - 9 for the further investigation business in investigatory management of the Department of Internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg.