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Petersburgers call to complain on kommunalshchikov, migrants and addicts

The efforts in protection of the civil rights of Petersburgers have united at once three departments. Experts will consult townspeople, and following the results of reception if there will be such necessity, will spend special checks.

Reception is spent on following questions:

- the prevention of criminal displays in kommunalno - household sphere, preventive maintenance of antisocial behaviour (municipal conflicts, work of services of district militia officers);

- suppression of illegal distribution of narcotics;

- questions of social adaptation and rendering of assistance to the persons who have appeared in a difficult reality situation (including in connection with so-called social diseases: alcoholism, a narcotism; homelessness and neglect problems; resotsializatsija the persons released from places of imprisonment);

- infringements in sphere of migratory relations;

- increase of level of tolerance in a city, the prevention of extremist displays;

public order and security strengthening, decrease in risks dorozhno - a transport traumatism.

to Register in consultation it is necessary preliminary by phone: 764 - 00 - 54 in the week-days with 10. 00 to 13. 00 and with 14. 00 to 17. 00 hours. And reception will pass on December, 7th with 10. 00 to 18. 00 at office of the Representative under human rights: C - Petersburg, Scherbaks of the lane, d. 1 – 3 (the m. item Dostoevsky ).

on December, 16th to the same address will spend joint enrolment of citizens the ombudsman and Labour inspection. To register in reception it is possible also by phone (812 764 - 00 - 54.