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The new deposit of Norwegians has not justified hopes of the company Shell

Prospecting works on a site Dalsnuten in Norwegian sea have not brought desirable results, the company " confirms; Shell .

the Norwegian oil industry workers connected high hopes With this site. It was considered as one of the most perspective on severo - the Norwegian shelf. It was expected that the local large find will lift value of all region.

Shell nevertheless, has informed that the trial chink has appeared empty, and this negative result became the next blow on expectations of the Norwegian oil industry concerning Northern Norway. Earlier this year it became known, as on a site Gru there are no serious stocks of oil or gas.

« it is necessary For us to reconsider area estimations Vyoring and to analyse the received information » - has told in interview Offshore. no the head of information department Shell .

In Shell hope that for prospecting works the Norwegian authorities will give them access to new areas. Of the company are assured, has noticed Tere Juhansen that the future - behind new areas, instead of behind what have been open by the Norwegian authorities for petrosearch works, informs an information portal barentsobserver.